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Balneological complexes in Velingrad – rest and therapy among mountains and nature reserves. Restaurants, cafes, bars, tennis courts, bowling hall, art crafts house, fish farm

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Bulgaria attracts tourists by sunny climate, numerous resorts with picturesque beaches, beautiful festivals and remarkable architecture. Prices are relatively low


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Rome is much younger than Plovdiv. Athens and Constantinople also appeared later. Plovdiv is magically beautiful in all seasons


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The old part of the city of Sozopol is an architectural reserve. To the south of the city there are two magnificent beaches with golden sand

Sunny Beach

World Resorts Sunny Beach on map Sunny Beach video Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach - the largest resort complex, perfect for children: a small bay with a gently sloping bottom, many children's pools, playgrounds. Mild climate


Cities Varna on map Varna video Varna

Varna - one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. One can find examples of an ancient Greek, medieval and modern culture here


Ski resorts Bansko on map Bansko video Bansko

Bansko is a famous ski resort 900 m above sea level. Always a long winter and guaranteed snow cover. Ski school, snowboarding school. Night-lighting. Small family hotels


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Bozhentsi is the village located in the mountains. It has a status of an architectural and historical reserve. Now there remain 100 houses aged from 100 to 250 years


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Melnick is the smallest city in Bulgaria. The population - less than three hundred residents. Tourists enjoy the famous local wine - Melnick

Veliko Trnovo

Cities Veliko Trnovo on map Veliko Trnovo video Veliko Trnovo

Veliko Trnovo is the ancient capital of Bulgaria, where architectural monuments of many epochs are carefully preserved. A lot of cafes, bars and restaurants

Balkan trassa in Bansko

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Balkan trassa in Bansko


Ski resorts Bansko on map  


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Bulgarian dances

Traditions and Crafts Bulgarian dances on map Bulgarian dances video Bulgarian dances

Holiday in Bulgaria would not be complete without spectacular and exotic ritual dances show. A special mention deserves Dancing on burning coals

Golden Sands

World Resorts Golden Sands on map Golden Sands video Golden Sands

On Golden Sands resort one can find all conditions for windsurfing, diving, water skiing, sailing; a lot of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Many hotels have spa

July Morning

Realty objects July Morning on map July Morning video July Morning

July Morning - the seashore resort complex - 95 000 sq. metres. Studio apartments with one and two bedrooms. Also, there is a VIP area with houses like "town house"

Magura Cave

Mountains, caves, canons Magura Cave on map Magura Cave video Magura Cave

Magura Cave is a maze of majestic halls 3 km length. This is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves, known for its rock paintings, the unique monument of primitive art


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Regina Mare

Realty objects Regina Mare on map Regina Mare video Regina Mare

Elite residential complex Regina Mare designed and constructed to ensure maximum comfort and all the modern amenities for a full beach holiday to its inhabitants

Rila Monastery

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Rila Monastery is one of the greatest shrines of Bulgarian people. It is one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries, founded in the X century by monk Ivan Rilski (St. John of Rila)

Ski lift in Pamporovo

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Ski lift in Pamporovo


Realty objects Tamplier  on map Tamplier  video Tamplier

Residential Complex «Tamplier» (4*) is in the most famous Bulgarian ski resort Bansko. Provides: restaurants, bar, night club, SPA, gym, sauna, swimming pool, business center

Thracian Tomb

Museums, historical monuments Thracian Tomb on map Thracian Tomb video Thracian Tomb

Discovered in 1944, the tomb is dated about the end of IV cent. BC. The painting in the tomb is the most well-preserved works of art of the Hellenistic period in Bulgaria

Wines of Bulgaria

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Wines of Bulgaria

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