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Varna - one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. One can find examples of an ancient Greek, medieval and modern culture here

Varna is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, located on a coast of the Black Sea. The city was founded by the ancient Greeks, already in the V century BC. In the first century BC Varna was conquered by the ancient Romans. In the IV century AD, it has became a major trading center on the Black Sea. After a conquer Bulgarian lands by Ottoman Turks in the 14 century, Varna has became an important military center. Name of the city has Slavic roots and means "black raven". Varna is not like any one city in the world: there are examples of ancient Greek, medieval, and modern cultures.
In the city museum one can see more than 2000 exhibits, dated from 5000 thousand years old. There are ancient Roman coins, pottery, Byzantine and Bulgarian icons, weapons and documents of struggle against the Ottoman rule. In Varna there is also an interesting ethnographic museum, with a unique exhibition of jewelry and costumes; The Museum of Regional Studies. The most significant building of the city is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin of the XIX century, which is known for the magnificent iconostasis, the throne of a bishop, beautiful stained glass. The extraordinary botanical garden of the Sofia University will surely attract tourists. In the garden there are several thousand varieties of plants, streams, fountains and canals. Beside it is the palace of Mary, a noble Roman.
Not far from Varna there are interesting stone columns up to 7 m in height. Scientists believe, that they are of natural origin and about 50 million years old.
The city is located on the same latitude as the Mediterranean resorts of France, and has the same subtropical climate. The sea is amazingly calm, tides are safe. There are wide variety of coastal resorts in Varna region, such as Golden Sands, Albena and Sunny Beach. Curative properties of Bulgarian mineral waters are well known and used since times of antiquity. Advantages of Bulgarian resorts in their location in a favorable climatic zone, which allows to combine balneotherapy with climatic treatment and curative mud. Curative mud, used in Varna is complex mixture of biologically active organic and inorganic substances, providing mechanical, chemical and thermal effects on organism. It is used to treat diseases of blood circulation, respiration and metabolism.

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Varna - one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. One can find examples of an ancient Greek, medieval and modern culture here
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