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At various times the city of Naupactus was an ecclesiastical center, and a major trading center of western Greece. There are cozy beaches and many opportunities for water sports here

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Agistri island is very green. Pines, cypresses and olive trees are everywhere. There are all opportunities for both quiet rest in natural environment, and noisy parties in cafes and nightclubs on a sea beache


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In the Archaeological Museum of Delphi there are 6 thousand exhibits, including fragments of sculptures of Apollo and Artemis, made of ivory and gold, silver archaic bull and many others


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Excursion to Zeus city of Dion offers an opportunity to examine a large archaeological complex, including ruins of the temples of: Dionysus, Hera, Demeter and Isis


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Most tourists, visiting Kythira prefer to stay in Kapsali - a tourist center at the south end of the island, a picturesque place, situated between two sandy bays beneath the walls of the impressive Venetian fortress of Hora (13th century)


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Three thousand years ago, Paros island became the center of Cycladic civilization, as can be seen, thanks to remains of ancient burial grounds and settlements


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Vacations on Poros island will give to travelers a harmony of nature and affordable accommodations. Nightlife is calm here


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At Salamis there are beautiful sandy beaches, rocky shores, rich vegetation and well developed tourist infrastructure – a lot of hotels, cafes, bars and shops

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Spetses will please fans of quiet rest with excellent beaches, located near hotels, secluded bays with crystal clear water, numerous taverns

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Mountainous islands of Symi and Chalki (Halki) are ideal place for lovers of quiet secluded vacations

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نافباكتوس (العربية), Навпакт (Български), Naupacte (Català), Nafpaktos (Deutsch), Ναύπακτος (Ελληνικά), Naupacto (Español), Naupacte (Français), Lepanto (Italiano), נפפקטוס (עברית), Naupactus (Latina), Lepanto (Nederlands), ナフパクトス (日本語), Nafpaktos (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬), Nafpaktos (Polski), Lepanto (Português), Naupactus (Română), Навпакт (Русский), Нафпактос (Српски / Srpski), Naupakt (Srpskohrvatski / Српскохрватски), Naupaktos (Suomi), Lepanto (Vèneto) •