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Most of the Bhutanese are Buddhists. There are more monks-lamas in Bhutan than in any other Buddhist country. Most Bhutanese live in small villages in valleys

Holidays in Bhutan. Bhutanese society, mostly consists of the Drukpa people, very close to the Tibetans. Dzongkha language is a dialect of Tibetan language. Bumthang dialect is used in eastern districts. Peoples of both dialects are very differ in customs and traditions. Both peoples of Bumthang and Dzongkha have no established standards of writing. Tibetan language is in government use. The role of English language have increased recently, it is taught in most schools. The majority of Bhutanese are Buddhist. There are more Monks-Lamas in Bhutan than in any other Buddhist country. Natives of Nepal began to arrive to the south-western districts of the country since 1910; they are 25-35% of the population of Bhutan now. Most Bhutanese live in small villages scattered on inter-mountain valleys. Larger settlements appear around monasteries and fortresses. Wealthy stratum of the population is small, mostly it is a royal entourage, officials and senior clergy. A special category of people - nomadic cattle-breeders (Drukpa), live in highlands and make seasonal migrations with their herds up to 150 km.

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Bhutan video World Countries Bhutan on map Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan - is a quiet refuge for adherents of Buddhism and an exotic vacation for tourists. There are a lot of weapon, jewelry and art markets

Bhutan, buddhism

Bhutan, buddhism video Community and politics Bhutan, buddhism on map Bhutan, buddhism

Buddhism came to Bhutan already in II century AD. Songtsen Gampo - the King of Tibet - has declared Buddhism as the official religion and opened in a single day 108 monasteries all over the Himalayas

Bhutan, Buddhist Festivals

Bhutan, Buddhist Festivals  video Traditions and Crafts Bhutan, Buddhist Festivals  on map Bhutan, Buddhist Festivals

Traditions of Buddhist festival do not change for thousands of years, and today it remains a vivid manifestation of faith - an important part of Bhutanese life

Bhutan, food

Bhutan, food video World Culinary Bhutan, food on map Bhutan, food

National cuisine of Bhutan is fairly simple - rice is a staple food, which is used in various combinations with vegetables, sauces, saffron and butter

Bhutan, landscape

Bhutan, landscape video Mountains, caves, canons Bhutan, landscape on map Bhutan, landscape

Predominantly mountainous landscape of Bhutan is well suited for tourists who prefer active forms of recreation

Bhutan, national sport

Bhutan, national sport video Traditions and Crafts Bhutan, national sport on map Bhutan, national sport

The most popular national sport in Bhutan is Archery. Archery matches are always a grand event with dances, music, entertainment, strong drinks and huge crowds of public

Bhutan, nature

Bhutan, nature video Nature Bhutan, nature on map Bhutan, nature

The nature of Bhutan is incredibly diverse - the climate, the flora and fauna changes, as slopes of mountains raise

National Institute for Zorig Chusum

National Institute for Zorig Chusum video Traditions and Crafts National Institute for Zorig Chusum on map National Institute for Zorig Chusum

In the National Institute for Zorig-Chu-Sum students are trained in traditional painting on the best classical models. The school was open in 1997

Paro Taktsang

Paro Taktsang video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Paro Taktsang on map Paro Taktsang

The famous monastery hangs on the cliff, towering above the valley on 700 m. Almost totally Burned in 1998, the Paro Taktsang monastery now is restored and open for pilgrims

Trongsa Dzong

Trongsa Dzong video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Trongsa Dzong on map Trongsa Dzong

Trongsa Dzong (1648)- an ancestral home of the royal family. Annually (December - January), the principal holiday of the country - Trongsa Festival – takes place here

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