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Rich in resources, naturally good looking and persistently peaceful, Slovenia remains a wonderful antidote to much of Europe's crowds and high prices.

With its points of interest and natural beauty, Slovenia is a surprising and interesting country. Four major European geographic regions meet in Slovenia: the Alps, the Dinaric area, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean. The country is mountainous, and Slovenes are keen skiers and hikers. The mountains and rivers of the Julian Alps provide the perfect location for hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. You can ski in the morning and surrender yourself to the luxury of the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. Slovenia is a veritable cornucopia of forest, cavern and mountain-dwelling wildlife. Many species that are endangered or can no longer be found in other parts of Europe can still be found here.At various points in Slovenia's history, the country has been part of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Republic of Venice, the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Austrian Empire, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Previously one of Yugoslavia’s six constituent republics, present-day Slovenia became independent in 1991 as Yugoslavia fell apart. It is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Among the new EU Member States, Slovenia has the reputation of an exemplary economy.The country is also known for its great wines and delicious traditional food. A typical three-course meal starts with a soup, often just beef or chicken broth with egg noodles, and then a meat dish served with potatoes and a vinegary fresh salad.Music is the most widespread art form among Slovenes. Slovenia boasts many active musical and choral associations: the Musical Youth, the Slovenian Composers’ Society and the re-established Musical Society, as well as a number of choirs, whose common goal is to pursue the deep-rooted tradition of singing and playing music by all generations of Slovenes.

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Rich in resources, naturally good looking and persistently peaceful, Slovenia remains a wonderful antidote to much of Europe's crowds and high prices.
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