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NewsSlovenia • 2013-04-05

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The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, as the main Slovenian host of EuroBasket 2013, will be in the centre of the European sports public this September. But Ljubljana is also an increasingly popular European urban destination! Read about what is going on in Ljubljana. Lots! Ljubljana has also been shortlisted for the title of green capital of Europe in 2015.

From Ljubljana to the Soča valley … 2013 will be extremely active on the Soča river. Read about two canoeing championships. And to the Coast … At Seatrade in Miami Koper port received an award for port with the best destination experience. The open-air thalasso spa opened in Sečovlje Salt Pans Nature Park - to become a unique boutique ecological tourist destination, just a little away from the vibrant Portorož.

And note … EuroBasket 2013 is not only about seeing a game, but also about discovering Slovenia. Ticket sales have begun strongly and reservations for packages have also started off.

SPIRIT Slovenia - Slovenian Tourist Board

April news from Slovenia

\"Beloved\" Ljubljana, popular European city destination

The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, as the main Slovenian host of EuroBasket 2013, will be in the centre of the European sports public this September; moreover, Ljubljana as a tourist destination has recorded record results and the highest growth rate in Slovenia. In recent years, Ljubljanas city centre has witnessed a blossoming of extraordinary boutique hotels and developed new experiences that intertwine urban Ljubljana with its green backdrop; furthermore, Ljubljana has given the embankment along the Ljubljanica River, which winds through the heart of the city, a pleasant facelift. more...

Award for Koper - port with the best destination experience

In mid-March at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping fair in Miami, the Koper passenger port received an award for the port with the best destination experience according to the selection of Cruise Insight magazine. The award is an important recognition for Koper and for Slovenia, since in a relatively short period, the latter has managed to establish itself on a highly competitive cruise ship market as an attractive destination that has a lot to offer its guests. more...

The new open-air thalasso spa in Sečovlje salt pans

In spring, one of the most visited Slovenian tourist destinations, the coastal Portorož, has gained a new unique offer in its direct vicinity, in the heart of the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park. In harmony with the unique natural and cultural heritage of this area, a new open-air thalasso spa has been opened, which intends to enable the visitors to use the beneficial resources of the salt pans; in other words, the salt pans are now becoming a unique boutique ecological tourist destination. more...

Soča 2013 - European Wildwater Canoeing Championship in May

Between 9 and 12 May 2013, the Soča Valley, together with Kobarid and Bovec, will host the European Wildwater Canoeing Championship called Soča 2013. The competition events will be accompanied by a rich entertainment program with sports activities, cultural events and concerts. All this will take place on and along one of the most beautiful European rivers, the emerald beauty, Soča. 2013 will be extremely active on the Soča; namely, it will also host the European Wildwater Canoeing Championship (sprint) in Solkan in June. more...

World Book Day – Slovenia will celebrate for nearly a week

23 April is the date of the deaths of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, while in 1995 the UNESCO organisation declared this day to be World Book Day. Slovenia is one of the rare countries that celebrates World Book Day over several days within the framework of Slovenian Book Days, this year held for the 18th time between 22 and 26 April. In 2013, Slovenia also celebrates some important anniversaries of the most relevant Slovenian artists. more...

Slovenia develops an innovative global traveling prodcut

The Slovenian company that established a strong network of budget transport that connects Slovenia to its neighbouring countries and especially their airports has developed a new, innovative product that has strong global potential. It\'s called LinkedAge and addresses the growing population of seniors, encouraging them to travel and socialise. more...

Slovenia Green

GreenLightWorldFlight – this April and May over the Arctic

This year will be another active one for the Slovenian biologist, alpinist, paraglider, pilot, photographer and environmentalist, Lenarčič. After flying over seven continents, 120 national parks, three oceans, crossing the equator six times and meanwhile flying to the Antarctic and over Mount Everest last year, Lenarčič is heading towards a new challenge. Within the framework of GreenLight World Flight, he will fly again in April and May with the extremely light 290 kg airplane, this time over the Arctic and North Pole to Canada, over the Atlantic and back. The flight again contains an important ecological message Think small. Think light. Think green.’ more...

... Tourism statistics

Slovenia’s tourism was doing well in February 2013

There were 5% more tourist arrivals and 1% more tourist overnight stays registered in tourist accommodations in February 2013 than in February 2012. In the same comparison, arrivals of domestic tourists increased by 5%, while their overnight stays decreased by 1%. The number of foreign tourist arrivals and overnight stays both increased by 4%. more...

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