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Arkhangelskaya oblast

Regions, areas, large resorts Arkhangelskaya oblast on map Arkhangelskaya oblast video Arkhangelskaya oblast

A UNESCO listed monument, bringing together some 200 monuments from III millennium BC to recent days- the complex of Solovetsky Archipelago is considered to be a visit card of Arkhangelskaya oblast'


Regions, areas, large resorts Chechnya on map Chechnya video Chechnya

There are about fifty natural reserves in Chechnya. Ten of them are specialized on the protection of certain species of animals and plants. Some mineral and mud springs have therapeutic value


Regions, areas, large resorts Dagestan on map Dagestan

Dagestan is home for thirty-three peoples. In the mountain districts of the country villages cling along the steep slopes so that the roof of one home becomes a yard for another


Regions, areas, large resorts Kuban on map Kuban video  

Leningradskaya oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Leningradskaya oblast' on map Leningradskaya oblast' video Leningradskaya oblast'

Leningradskaya oblast is an attractive destination for tourism and recreation: there are natural parks and reserves, sanatoriums and resorts, historical sights


Regions, areas, large resorts Moscow on map Moscow video Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is one of the world's largest tourist attractions, offering a high level of service, combined with Russian exotic

Moskovskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Moskovskaya Oblast' on map Moskovskaya Oblast' video Moskovskaya Oblast'

More than 300 of manorial estates, many of which related to life of famous poets and writers, musicians and artists, scholars and public figures are remained in Moskovskaya Oblast'

Nizhegorodskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Nizhegorodskaya Oblast' on map Nizhegorodskaya Oblast' video Nizhegorodskaya Oblast'

Charm of two great rivers - the Volga and the Oka one will feel in exciting cruises, which start in Nizhny Novgorod. Traditional festivals of folk crafts are held during summer in Nizhegorodskaya Oblast'


Cities Novgorod on map Novgorod video Novgorod

Novgorod is one of the oldest and most famous Russian cities - in 2009 it celebrates 1150 anniversary. A lot of well preserved monuments of ancient architecture and painting

Omskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Omskaya Oblast' on map Omskaya Oblast' video Omskaya Oblast'

On the territory of Omskaya Oblast' there are 13 botanical, 17 zoological and 2 complex natural reserves, a natural park and 99 monuments of natural phenomena

Permskiy Krai

Regions, areas, large resorts Permskiy Krai on map Permskiy Krai video Permskiy Krai

Permskiy Krai provides excellent opportunities for active recreation in the Urals: rafting, skiing, hiking, horseback trips, fishing, hunting, speleoturizm

Pskovskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Pskovskaya Oblast' on map Pskovskaya Oblast' video Pskovskaya Oblast'

Pskovskaya Oblast' is a rich treasury of Russian culture, where rare monuments of ancient Russian architecture are well preserved

Republic of Karelia

Regions, areas, large resorts Republic of Karelia on map Republic of Karelia video Republic of Karelia

Republic of Karelia is the beautiful northern land with an abundance of natural, historic-cultural and architectural monuments attracting tourists from all over the world

Respublika Adygeya

Regions, areas, large resorts Respublika Adygeya on map Respublika Adygeya video Respublika Adygeya

Respublika Adygeya - is not only a wonderful combination of bright sun, crystal-clear mountain air, rocky gorges with emerald waterfalls, severe peaks and unique sights, it is a country of true hospitality and ancient Eastern culture

Respublika Ingushetiya

Regions, areas, large resorts Respublika Ingushetiya on map Respublika Ingushetiya video Respublika Ingushetiya

Respublika Ingushetiya is an exceptionally beautiful land - a mountainous country with fresh air and clean water of mountain rivers, mineral springs. There are also 92 historical monuments

Respublika Mariy-El

Regions, areas, large resorts Respublika Mariy-El on map Respublika Mariy-El video Respublika Mariy-El

On the territory of the Mariy-El Respublika there are five recreational areas of sport and educational tourism. Water routes along the rivers, hiking, bicycle, ski and horseback trips; pilgrimage tours to holy places

Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya)

Regions, areas, large resorts Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) on map Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya)

Summer in Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) - is a great time to make an unforgettable horseback tour to reindeer herd, to live among herders - The Evenks , feel oneself nomad, learn their history and culture

Sakhalinskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Sakhalinskaya Oblast' on map Sakhalinskaya Oblast' video Sakhalinskaya Oblast'

There are spa and geothermal springs, curative mud deposits, more than 1000 cultural and historical sights in Sakhalinskaya Oblast'. Great opportunities for skiing and unique hydrology for diving, water sports and sea cruises

St. Petersburg

Cities St. Petersburg on map St. Petersburg video St. Petersburg

A former capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg is a museum - city under the open sky. Besides, there are more than 200 different museums – from world’s famous to tiny

Stavropol'skiy Kray

Regions, areas, large resorts Stavropol'skiy Kray on map Stavropol'skiy Kray video Stavropol'skiy Kray

In the Stavropol'skiy Kray are developed almost all types of tourism: from therapeutic to the extreme. There are well-known international ski centers Dombay and Elbrus

Tverskaya Oblast

Regions, areas, large resorts Tverskaya Oblast on map Tverskaya Oblast video Tverskaya Oblast

The abundance of historical and cultural monuments and beautiful nature make the Tverskaya Oblast' attractive to tourists. Great Russian rivers – the Volga, the Dnieper and the Western Dvina start their flowing here

Vladimirskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Vladimirskaya Oblast' on map Vladimirskaya Oblast' video Vladimirskaya Oblast'

Vladimirskaya Oblast' is one of the oldest historical and artistic centers in Russia. Ancient cities, continuing the traditions of folk crafts and arts are concentrated here

Vologodskaya Oblast

Regions, areas, large resorts Vologodskaya Oblast on map Vologodskaya Oblast video Vologodskaya Oblast

Vologodskaya Oblast' is the land of White Nights and Blue Lakes. There are about thousand monuments of history and culture in the region

Yaroslavskaya Oblast'

Regions, areas, large resorts Yaroslavskaya Oblast' on map Yaroslavskaya Oblast' video Yaroslavskaya Oblast'

Yaroslavskaya Oblast is rich in monuments of ancient architecture. For tourist's service there are 130 travel companies, more than 40 hotels, an extensive network of cafes and restaurants

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Russian Cuisine

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Wild Nature of Russia

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