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Novgorod is one of the oldest and most famous Russian cities - in 2009 it celebrates 1150 anniversary. A lot of well preserved monuments of ancient architecture and painting

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Visit Russia, and make your own opinion about this mysterious country of turbulent history and rich, multifaceted culture

Birch bark

Birch bark video Traditions and Crafts Birch bark on map Birch bark

Birch bark was used in ancient Russia since immemorial times. They made shoes, clothes, bags, and all sorts of household items from it, always unique, as always handmade


Chasozvonya video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Chasozvonya on map Chasozvonya

Chasozvonya is an architectural monument of XVII century. It is the tallest building of the Novgorod Kremlin

Iversky Monastery

Iversky Monastery video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Iversky Monastery on map Iversky Monastery

Iversky Monastery, build in the mid 17th century, is now fully restored and open for parishioners. Daily services


Koleda video Traditions and Crafts Koleda on map Koleda

Koleda is an ancient Slavic feast. It specifically applies to children and teens who walk house to house greeting people, singing and receiving candy and small money in return

Novgorod Kremlin

Novgorod Kremlin video Fortresses, Castles Novgorod Kremlin on map Novgorod Kremlin

A great number of ancient architectural monuments, ranging from the tenth century, are concentrated on the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin

Palace of the Facets

Palace of the Facets video Museums, historical monuments Palace of the Facets on map Palace of the Facets

Palace of the Facets of the Novgorod Kremlin - was the first building on the territory of ancient Russia built in the Byzantine style. Now it is a museum

Russian Folk Dances

Russian Folk Dances video Traditions and Crafts Russian Folk Dances on map Russian Folk Dances

During parades and celebrations tourists often can be lucky to see popular Russian Folk Dances right on streets of Novgorod

Russian musical instruments

Russian musical instruments video Traditions and Crafts Russian musical instruments on map Russian musical instruments

In Novgorod one can get acquainted with a unique collection of Russian folk musical instruments, among which are ancient horns, gusli, harps, sopels, and many others

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Saint Sophia Cathedral on map Saint Sophia Cathedral

In Novgorod Saint Sophia Cathedral (XI century) the relics of Prince Vladimir Yaroslavich and miraculous icon «Sign of Our Lady» are kept

Spasa Nereditsa church

Spasa Nereditsa church video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Spasa Nereditsa church on map Spasa Nereditsa church

Spasa Nereditsa church - Church of Our Savior in Novgorod is a unique architectural monument of XII century, fully restored in the mid-twentieth century

Thousand Years of Russia

Thousand Years of Russia video Monuments Thousand Years of Russia on map Thousand Years of Russia

Having carefully observed the monument «Thousand Years of Russia», one can study the history of the Russian state from Rurik to Peter the Great

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