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Cities Lviv on map Lviv video Lviv

The legendary Lviv is a true jem of Western Ukraine, the most beautiful ancient city, rich of historical memories and unique monuments of architecture and culture


World Resorts Skhidnytsia on map  

Academics House

Museums, historical monuments Academics House on map Academics House video Academics House

The Academics House, built in 1897-98 by well-known Viennese architects Felner and Gelmer in Neo-Baroque style, is one of the most famous architectural monuments in Lviv

Amadeus, Restaurant

World Culinary Amadeus, Restaurant on map Amadeus, Restaurant video Amadeus, Restaurant

Stylish and refined restaurant "Amadeus", located in the centre of the Old Town, is very popular both among Lviv's elite and among foreign tourists

Armenian Cathedral

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Armenian Cathedral on map Armenian Cathedral video Armenian Cathedral

Armenian Cathedral, situated in the historical centre of Lviv, the so-called Old Town, is an excellent monument of medieval Armenian architecture in Ukraine

Armenian Quarter

Popular tourist places Armenian Quarter on map Armenian Quarter video Armenian Quarter

The ancient Armenian Quarter, one of the most picturesque quarters in Lviv, still preserves the inimitable atmosphere and flavour of medieval East; it is a great place of tourist’s interest

Bandinelli Palace

Palaces Bandinelli Palace on map Bandinelli Palace video Bandinelli Palace

Bandinelli Palace, erected in the end of 16th centure in the late-Renaissance style, at present is one of the buildings of Lviv historical museum

Beer Museum

Museums, historical monuments Beer Museum on map Beer Museum video Beer Museum

The Beer Museum at the legendary Lviv Brewery contains numerous unique exhibits, which cover the history of local brewing from old times till nowadays

Bernardine Church and monastery

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Bernardine Church and monastery on map Bernardine Church and monastery video Bernardine Church and monastery

The architectural ensemble of Bernardine Church and monastery on Sobornaya square is a jem of sacral architecture, one of the visiting cards of old Lviv

Black House

Architecture: buildings, structures Black House on map Black House video  
Black House

Cafe «Coffee World»

World Culinary Cafe «Coffee World» on map Cafe «Coffee World» video  
Cafe «Coffee World»

Cafe «Under the Blue Bottle»

World Culinary Cafe «Under the Blue Bottle» on map Cafe «Under the Blue Bottle» video  
Cafe «Under the Blue Bottle»

Chapel of the Boim family

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Chapel of the Boim family on map Chapel of the Boim family video Chapel of the Boim family

The Chapel of the Boim family, located near the Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Latin Cathedral) is a valuable monument of Rennaissance architecture in Lviv

Church and Convent of the Benedictines

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Church and Convent of the Benedictines on map Church and Convent of the Benedictines video Church and Convent of the Benedictines

Complex of Church and Convent of the Benedictines, built by well-known Lviv architect Paolo Romanus in the end of 16th ct., is an important monument of Renaissance architecture

Confectionery restaurant «Veronika»

World Culinary Confectionery restaurant «Veronika» on map Confectionery restaurant «Veronika» video  
Confectionery restaurant «Veronika»

Dominican Church

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Dominican Church on map Dominican Church video Dominican Church

Dominican Church, built in 18th century by the design of Yan de Vitte, is an important monument of the late-Baroque style in Lviv; presently Museum of History of Religion is located here

Furniture and Porcelain Museum

Museums, historical monuments Furniture and Porcelain Museum on map Furniture and Porcelain Museum video Furniture and Porcelain Museum

Furniture and Porcelain Museum is located in the Lubomirsky Palace, here are displayed European and Ukraine furniture, manufacture, chinaware, delftware of 16-20 centuries

Korniakt Palace

Palaces Korniakt Palace on map Korniakt Palace video Korniakt Palace

Korniakt Palace is a monument of Renaissance residential architecture, erected in 1580 by architect P. Barbon with the assistance of Paolo Romanus

Kryivka Restaurant

World Culinary Kryivka Restaurant  on map  
Kryivka Restaurant

Latin Cathedral

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Latin Cathedral on map Latin Cathedral video Latin Cathedral

Latin Cathedral in Lviv is one of the finest examples of polish gothic architecture, here one can find brilliant specimens of painting and sculpture and plastic arts

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Music and Drama theatres Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet on map Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet video Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet was built in 1897-1900 in classical traditions with the use of Baroque and Renaissance elements, in the so-called pseudo-Viennese style

Lychakiv Cemetery

Popular tourist places Lychakiv Cemetery on map Lychakiv Cemetery video Lychakiv Cemetery

Lychakiv Cemetery, founded in 1786, one of the oldest cemetries not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, has a status of a historic and cultural reserve since 1990

Pharmacy Museum

Museums, historical monuments Pharmacy Museum on map Pharmacy Museum video Pharmacy Museum

The Pharmacy Museum, located in the building of an old drugstore, consists of sixteens rooms, where fre displayed more than 3000 exhibits

Restaurant «Dome»

World Culinary Restaurant «Dome» on map Restaurant «Dome» video  
Restaurant «Dome»

Restaurant-Club «Darwin»

World Culinary Restaurant-Club «Darwin» on map Restaurant-Club «Darwin» video  
Restaurant-Club «Darwin»

Russian quarter

Architecture: buildings, structures Russian quarter on map Russian quarter video Russian quarter

Russian quarter - ensemble of Dormition Church, the Korniakt Tower, the Chapel of Three Saints, monuments of medieval architecture, residential buildings of the beginning of 20 ct.

Skhidnytsia Fly Quest

Events, Shows, amusement Skhidnytsia Fly Quest on map  
Skhidnytsia Fly Quest

St. George's Cathedral

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques St. George's Cathedral on map St. George's Cathedral video St. George's Cathedral

The Greek Catholic St. George's Cathedral, constructed in 18th century by Bernard Merettiner, is an excellent example of Baroque and Rococo architecture, the best in Ukraine

Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska

Music and Drama theatres Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska on map Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska video Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska

The building of Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska (originally Skarbek Theatre), once the largest in Lviv, was built in 1837-1842 in the late Classicism style of Viennese school

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