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Duesseldorf is considered to be a center of fashion in Germany. Fashion Week attracts designers and customers from all over the Europe

Dusseldorf. Entertainment Dusseldorf is the most elegant and beautiful metropolis in the Rhine Valley. This city is the center of fashion in Germany. Fashion Week attracts in Dusseldorf designers and buyers from all over Europe. It's impossible not to actively participate in shopping, as well as not to visit charming Düsseldorf’s Altstadt, where there are more than 260 bars and restaurants – it is the longest bar in the world. Favorite drink is Altbir (old beer). Hofgarten gardens with beautiful fountains, statues and a monument to the poet Heinrich Heine are adjacent to Altstadt. Almost all cultural attractions and museums are located along the perimeter of the Hofgarten garden, above which rises the most amazing skyscraper of the city - Thyssen-House. In addition, from Dusseldorf one can make numerous tourist trips. For example, to visit Cologne, Mosel, the Neandertal, or to observe castles of the Rhine Valley. Every year in early June in the city is held a festival of classical music.

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Duesseldorf, more than 700 years old city, is saturated with an outstanding architecture, old breweries and pubs, student cafes, restaurants, bars and cheap shops

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There are a lot of banks, offices and skyscrapers in Duesseldorf. The city invests a lot in the renovation of old buildings, in culture and art, regularly conducts festivals and fairs

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