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Duesseldorf, more than 700 years old city, is saturated with an outstanding architecture, old breweries and pubs, student cafes, restaurants, bars and cheap shops

Holidays in Germany. The location of German capital of North Rhine-Westphalia land - Düsseldorf: right and left bank of the Rhine, where the Düssel river empties into it.
Choosing a tour to Dusseldorf, one should know that this city is older than 700 years, that it is filled with outstanding modern architecture, old breweries and pubs, student cafes, restaurants, bars and inexpensive boutiques.
The main sightseeing routes: Aquazoo-subtropical water park, Goethe museum, Altstadt (Old Town) with a marketplace, the Gothic Town Hall, the Church of St. Lambertus (XIII century), Shlossturm Castle tower (XIII century .), the church of St. Andreas.

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Germany is replete with medieval castles, green river valleys, mysterious forests and neat villages. Every city has the unique character, shaped by its history and surroundings

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There are a lot of banks, offices and skyscrapers in Duesseldorf. The city invests a lot in the renovation of old buildings, in culture and art, regularly conducts festivals and fairs

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Duesseldorf is considered to be a center of fashion in Germany. Fashion Week attracts designers and customers from all over the Europe

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