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Sweden video World Countries Sweden on map Sweden

Sweden really has earned its reputation as a model for progressive society and everyone will find plenty to see, learn, and do here.


Götaland video Regions, areas, large resorts Götaland on map  


Gothenburg video Cities Gothenburg on map Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm, the most important historic and cultural, touristic and sports center of the country, its gastronomic capital

Gotland Island

Gotland Island video Regions, areas, large resorts Gotland Island on map Gotland Island

Gotland, the largest of Baltic islands and historical province, is known for its beautiful nature, picturesque sceneries, colourful fishing villages and well-preserved medieval architecture


Malmö video Cities Malmö on map Malmö

Historic and cultural monuments, medieval architecture, wonderful parks and gardens of Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden, attract tourists from all over the world


Stockholm video Cities Stockholm on map Stockholm

It is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, splendidly spread out over fourteen islands and the magnificent Stockholm Archipelago seascape


Uppsala video Cities Uppsala on map Uppsala

Uppsala, one of the oldest cities of Sweden, is celebrated for its magnificent gothic cathedral, first and largest in Scandinavia university, the Linnaean Garden


Fjällbacka video Cities Fjällbacka on map Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka is a small fishing town, built in 17th century, with narrow streets, nice tile-roofed houses, scenic offshore islands and the the huge stone cliff of Vetteberget


Ystad video Cities Ystad on map Ystad

Quiet provincial town of Ystad is one of the best preserved medieval towns of Skania County, therefore the main industries here are trade, handicraft and tourism

 Vadstena Castle

 Vadstena Castle video Fortresses, Castles  Vadstena Castle on map Vadstena Castle

The majestic Vadstena Castle on the shore of lake Vettern today serves as a museum, concert hall, opera stage and market and is visited by thousands of tourists every year

Ale's Stones

Ale's Stones video Popular tourist places Ale's Stones on map Ale's Stones

Ale's Stones - Swedish answer to the English Stonehenge, a huge megalithic comlex, dated approximately 600 CE, which is located in Scania, near the fishing village of Koseberga

Alvastra monastery ruin

Alvastra monastery ruin video Museums, historical monuments Alvastra monastery ruin on map Alvastra monastery ruin

The ruins of Alvastra monastery near the of village of Odeshog in Ostergotland, the most ancient monastery in Sweden, is a popular tourist attraction

American car show in Västerås

American car show in Västerås video Popular tourist places American car show in Västerås on map American car show in Västerås

Västerås, a little city in Central Sweden some 100 km west of Stockholm, each year in June receives the largest in the world festival of American retro-cars

Åreskutan Mountain

Åreskutan Mountain video Mountains, caves, canons Åreskutan Mountain on map Åreskutan Mountain

Åreskutan Mountain is the highest (1426m) in the range of wooded mountains in the Province of Jämtland in Central Sweden, here is located the world-famous ski resort of Ore

Brahehus Castle

Brahehus Castle video Fortresses, Castles Brahehus Castle on map Brahehus Castle

From the ruins of Brahehus Castle, located on a high cliff, opens the most spectacular view of lake Vättern with the beautiful island of Visingsö

Fishing in Sweden

Fishing in Sweden video Fishing Fishing in Sweden on map Fishing in Sweden

A high diversity of fish species, the great number of crystal-clear rivers and lakes river abounding in fish, the widest choice of fishing places make Sweden a paradise for real fishermen

Foteviken viking village

Foteviken viking village video Museums, historical monuments Foteviken viking village on map Foteviken viking village

Foteviken is a large replica Viking village, an open-air museum, where one can get acquainted with history, religion, culture and traditions of the early medieval Scandinavians

Göta Canal

Göta Canal video Rivers, channels Göta Canal on map Göta Canal

Göta Canal, connecting the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat Strait, in 19th ct was the most important transport artery of Sweden, today it is one of the main tourist routs in the country

Great Copper Mountain, Falun

Great Copper Mountain, Falun video Museums, historical monuments Great Copper Mountain, Falun on map Great Copper Mountain, Falun

The famous Falun mine, or the Great Copper Mountain, is an important monument of industrial past of Sweden, popular tourist attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle video Fortresses, Castles Kalmar Castle on map Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle, founded in the end of 13th century, is one of the most important monuments of fortification architecture of the Renaissance epoch

Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda video Countries Culture Kosta Boda on map Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda is the largest and most famous glassworks in Kosta, the main of eleven glassblower's villages in province of Smoland, which are known as as the "Kingdom of Crystal"

Lake Vattern

Lake Vattern video Lakes Lake Vattern on map Lake Vattern

Deep and clear Vattern Lake the second largest in Sweden after Vanern Lake, is of great interest for the salmon fishing lovers; trout, pike and zander are also found in it

Medevi Brunn

Medevi Brunn video World Resorts Medevi Brunn on map Medevi Brunn

Medevi Brunn is the oldest in Scandinavia spa resort, located not far from Lake Vattern in the southern part of the country, it has over three centuries history

Midsummer celebration

Midsummer celebration video Traditions and Crafts Midsummer celebration on map Midsummer celebration

Swedish Midsummer Festival, that is Summer Solstice Celebration similar to the Ivan Kupala Day in Russia, traditionally is celebfated on the first Saturday after June 19th

Midsummer celebration in Dalarna

Midsummer celebration in Dalarna video Traditions and Crafts Midsummer celebration in Dalarna on map Midsummer celebration in Dalarna

By the day of summer solstice thousands of Swedes from all over the country gather in the province of Dalarna, where is celebrated the main summer festival of Sweden - Midsummer

Moose Garden

Moose Garden video Animal World, zoos Moose Garden on map Moose Garden

Moose Garden, situated not far from the small town of Heby, gives an opportunity to observe mooses in their natural environment during one of safari-tours around the Garden

Nature of Sweden

Nature of Sweden video Nature Nature of Sweden on map Nature of Sweden

Sweden's nature is various: from fertile plains and succulent pastures of Skone, thick woods and clear lakes of Central Sweden to rocky mountains and rapid rivers of Lapland

Nature reserve Getno Gard

Nature reserve Getno Gard video National parks, Nature reserves Nature reserve Getno Gard on map Nature reserve Getno Gard

Getno Gard is a privately-owned nature reserve on the shore of Asnen Lake and several islands, forming an archipelago in its middle; an excellent place for pike and zander fishing

Njarka Sami Camp

Njarka Sami Camp video Traditions and Crafts Njarka Sami Camp on map Njarka Sami Camp

In Njarka Sami Camp, situated at lake Haggsjon in the province of Jamtland, tourists can acquaint themselves with the history, life and culture of this ancient nomadic people

Rök Runestone

Rök Runestone video Museums, historical monuments Rök Runestone on map Rök Runestone

Rök Runestone contains the longest known runic inscription in stone, it dates back to 9th century and now can be seen by the church in Rök, Östergötland

Sweden Country Houses

Sweden Country Houses video Community and politics Sweden Country Houses on map Sweden Country Houses

Almost all country houses in Sweden are painted with traditional red paint "Rödfärg Falu", made on the basis of pigment, mined at the Falun Great Copper Mountain

Tannforsen Waterfall

Tannforsen Waterfall video Waterfalls Tannforsen Waterfall on map Tannforsen Waterfall

Tannforsen Waterfall, sometimes called the Swedish Niagara, is the biggest waterfall in Northern Europe (more than 30 meters height), it is located not far from ski resort of Ore

Tanum petroglyphs

Tanum petroglyphs video Museums, historical monuments Tanum petroglyphs on map Tanum petroglyphs

Tanum rock carvings - a large complex of petroglyphs (about 3000), discovered in 1972 at the town of Tanum on the shore of Scagerrak Strait; an object of UNESCO World Heritage

Vreta Abbey

Vreta Abbey video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Vreta Abbey on map Vreta Abbey

Vreta Abbey, located in the municipality of Linköping in Östergötland, is one of the oldest nunneries in Scandinavia and first in Sweden, initially Benedictine and later Cistercian

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