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Historic and cultural monuments, medieval architecture, wonderful parks and gardens of Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden, attract tourists from all over the world

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Sweden really has earned its reputation as a model for progressive society and everyone will find plenty to see, learn, and do here.

Apoteket Lejonet

Apoteket Lejonet video Popular tourist places Apoteket Lejonet on map Apoteket Lejonet

The Lejonet pharmacy, founded in 1571 and operating up to the present, is an oldest pharmacy in Malmo and all Sweden, one of the popular tourist attractions of the city


Kungsparken video Parks and gardens Kungsparken on map Kungsparken

Kungsparken (the "King's park") is a huge park in the Old Town, laid out in 1872 on the place of former ramparts, the oldest park in Malmo

Malmö Castle

Malmö Castle video Fortresses, Castles Malmö Castle on map Malmö Castle

Inside and around Malmöhus, the oldest in Scandinavia castle in Renaissance style, are located the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Naval Museum, Museum of the City

Ribersborg beach in Malmö

Ribersborg beach in Malmö video World Resorts Ribersborg beach in Malmö on map Ribersborg beach in Malmö

The 2,5-km-long Ribersborg beach in the central Malmö has a well-equipped territory for disabled persons, nudist area, a zone for people with dogs and a bay fit for the little children

St Peter's church

St Peter's church video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques St Peter's church on map St Peter's church

St Peter's church, built in 1319 in the Hanseatic Gothic style after the model of the St. Mary's Church in Lübeck, is one of the Malmo's oldest sights

Turning Torso

Turning Torso video Architecture: buildings, structures Turning Torso on map Turning Torso

The twisted skyscraper "Turning Torso", located on the shore of the Sound Strait (Oresund), is the highest in Scandinavia apartment building (190 meters)

Winter day at Kungsparken

Winter day at Kungsparken video Nature Winter day at Kungsparken on map  
Winter day at Kungsparken

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