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Whistler is a World famous snowboard resort. There are also a wide range of facilities for other winter sports. A high level of service and variety of trails

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British Columbia is the land of friendly people, magnificent nature, sea and mountain landscapes, islands and gardens

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The city of Barkerville appeared on the map in the times of «Gold Rush». Today it is one of the most interesting tourist sites of Canada


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Vancouver's Chinatown is the second largest in North America. There are many small cafés, shops, national markets and the traditional Chinese garden


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Capilano Suspension Bridge

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Cold Sauna in Sparkling Hill Resort

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Ferries around British Columbia

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Garibaldi Provincial Park

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Hat Creek Ranch

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The luxurious Hotel Vancouver is able to receive more than a thousand guests at the same time; there is an excellent service and many opportunities for sport and fitness

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In Mount Robson Provincial Park one can see glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves. Fossils of ancient marine animals are often found here

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Stanley Park - a popular holiday destination of local residents and tourists. There are beautiful lakes and many wild birds and animals, including raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, geese

Summer in British Columbia

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Vancouver Aquarium

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Vancouver Island

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A large part of the Vancouver Island is mountainous and covered with pine forests. There are many rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Great opportunities for cycling, hiking, sailing, fishing

Vancouver Night

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Vancouver Night

World Fireworks Championships

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World Fireworks Championships takes place in Vancouver every summer. The fireworks teams from various countries compete in music-pyrotechnic style, creating unique show

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Yoho National Park is the most beautiful alpine park of Canada. This is the land of turbulent rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and cliffs, emerald lakes and twisting mountain roads

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