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Each island of the archipelago has fantastic beaches. Vanuatu resorts offer boutique accommodation, bungalows or rooms with large balconies. Wide range of activities

Сharacteristic features of Vanuatu landscapes - covered with rainforest mountains, volcanoes and snow-white beaches. Vanuatu is called "untouched paradise" of Oceania. Since the climate here is very hot, and solar radiation is aggressive, it is necessary to take certain measures against solar radiation, thermal injury and dehydration. Even if immersed in water, one can get badly sunburned within an hour - crystal-clear water acts as a focusing lens and does not protect from ultraviolet radiation.
Each island of the archipelago has a set of first-class beaches, but there are no nudist beaches in Vanuatu, and tourists are warned that there is no custom of topless sunbathing. One of the most beautiful (and almost deserted) beaches on the planet - the famous "White Songs” is located on Espritu Santo island.
Vanuatu, with its unprecedented set of conditions and facilities for diving is real "Mecca" for divers. Around Banks and Torres in trade winds period there are excellent conditions for windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling and just simple swimming (although one should not forget about sharks). Almost all islands have ideal conditions for marine fishing. World-class environment for trekking through rain forests and mountains can be found on Espiritu Santo, Gaoua, Ambrym and Erromango. In Port Vila, there are four excellent golf fields and a couple of casinos. Numerous restaurants with European and Asian cuisine are everywhere.

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Vanuatu is a state that lies to the east of Australia in the South Pacific. This is an archipelago of 82 islands, 65 of which are inhabited

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Vanuatu is a «Mecca» for divers, with an unparalleled set of conditions and facilities for immersion. There are amazing corals and a fantastic number of water inhabitants

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