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Vanuatu is a state that lies to the east of Australia in the South Pacific. This is an archipelago of 82 islands, 65 of which are inhabited

Vanuatu is the state that lies to the east of Australia in the South Pacific. This is an archipelago of 82 islands, 65 of which are inhabited. Islands of archipelago are divided into 3 groups: Banks andTorres islands belong to the northern group; the central, Y letter shape group consists of Ambrym, Aoba, Pentecost, Espiritu Santo, Maewo, Efate, Malakula and Epi, and the southern islands are - Tafea, Erromango, Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna and Aneityum. Total area of the country is approximately 14700 sq. km, while only two of islands - Espiritu Santo and Malakula, occupy almost a half of Vanuatu territory. Vanuatu islands are often called an "untouched paradise" of Oceania. The unique mixture of three cultures - English, French and Melanesian led made this tourists oasis. "European" cities - Port Vila and Luganville - are harmoniously coexist with numerous villages of original inhabitants, whose life has hardly changed over past few centuries. Another name for Vanuatu is a "country of smiling people." Friendliness and openness of the Vanuatu people amaze everyone who comes here.The main feature of islands’ landscape are numerous volcanoes, nine of which are active. Yasur is the most famous of them, the most accessible and "peaceful" active volcano on the planet. The climate is tropical maritime here. In summer (January-February), monthly average temperatures are 27-29*C, in winter is slightly cooler, in July and August temperature drops to 22-24*C (in mountains may fall down to 10 C). Nature of Vanuatu is unique, the majority of vegetation can not be found anywhere else on the planet. You can make a trip to jungle with an experienced local guide, wander through tropical forests, approach active volcanoes, swim in waterfalls or simply relax in comfortable first class hotels.

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