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Vanuatu is a «Mecca» for divers, with an unparalleled set of conditions and facilities for immersion. There are amazing corals and a fantastic number of water inhabitants

Islands of Vanuatu are unique for its magnificent corals and a fantastic number of their inhabitants: according to experts here can be found about 2000 of different species of invertebrates and fish, including sharks and dolphins. Each island has its own "flavor" that will make your dive unforgettable. The Banks Group of islands is surrounded by small but picturesque coral reefs. Six islands of the Torres Group is a realm of crustaceans. Furthermore, in their coral "body" you will find many caves, and on Huey - the most northern island – there is the beautiful Lin Lo lagoon. At the opposite end of the same archipelago, on Aneityum island, marine turtles reserve has been established. On Epi island, one should pay attention to two underwater volcanoes (about 3 km away from the coast) and luxurious "coral garden" of Tonga wall. About almost every island one will find remains of sunken ships, especially near the Elephant Island. Espiritu Santo owes its fame to former dump, organized by the U.S. military: deciding not to spend taxpayers' money to export their property to the homeland, they dropped military machinery, equipment and even supplies of cola to a depth of 30 m. Over time, all these turned into some kind of artificial reef, and now is "home" to many of sea depths inhabitants. The capital island of Efate is famous for numerous canyons and caves. The length of Siviri cave is several kilometers. It is exciting, to look at a set of Cathedral caves: light penetrates through the water in its wells, where the same number of small rays as stars in the sky. Bizarre caves and tunnels of Black Sands Reef are also interesting. All these wonders of nature are certainly populated by numerous inhabitants of the local waters. Underwater Post office is open in the Vanuatu water park at a depth of 3 m. for divers with a sense of humor, where stuff dressed in diving suits and scuba diving, will sell to you a repellent postcard and stick a waterproof stamp on it.

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