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The island of Skopelos is an oasis of untouched national Greek traditions, crafts, and virgin nature. The best beaches - Panormos, Limonari and Milia are on the south-west coast

Skopelos is the island, located in the center of the green Sporades island group in the Aegean Sea, far away from busy shipping lanes and mainland coast. This region is one of the most environmentally clean in Greece.
Clear blue sea, boundless blue sky, clear air, filled with fragrance of flowers and pine trees, peacefulness of measured life rhythm of local residents - all these create a special atmosphere of excitement and relaxation for those people, who seek rest in harmony with nature. That is why, perhaps, on this island, with an area of just 95, 360 churches and monasteries are located. Civilization has not yet broken traditional Greek way of life here. Vast majority of locals are engaged in crafts and agriculture. They are very hospitable and kind. But there are no many tourists on the island, because of its remoteness and lack of airport. Best beaches - Panormos, Limonari and Milia - are located on the southwestern coast of the island. In high season there are all conditions for water sports, beach umbrellas and sunbeds. Small cozy taverns, cafes and shops are scattered along the coast.

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