Moselle river


Cruising on the River Moselle - is an excellent opportunity to visit ancient German cities with romantic old half-timbered architecture and wine farms

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Cities Frankfurt on map Frankfurt video Frankfurt

Frankfurt - both economic and cultural capital of Germany. There are good theaters, interesting museums and art galleries. International fairs often take place here

Messel pit

Museums, historical monuments Messel pit on map  
Messel pit

Mosel, wine

Wine, vineyards Mosel, wine on map Mosel, wine video Mosel, wine

The Mosel Valley is one of the world's best wine regions. There are a lot to see and a lot to taste here. The region produces mostly white wines

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Moselle (Alemannisch), موزيل_(إقليم_فرنسي) (العربية), Mosela (Aragonés), Mosèla_(dèpartement) (Arpetan), Mosela_(departamentu) (Asturianu), Moselle (Bân-lâm-gú), Moselle_(departamant) (Brezhoneg), Mosel·la_(departament) (Català), Мозель_(департамент) (Чӑвашла), Moselle (Cebuano), Moselle (Česky), Moselle (Cymraeg), Moselle (Dansk), Moselle (Deutsch), Mosela_(departamento) (Español), Moselle (Esperanto), Mosela (Euskara), Moselle_(département) (Français), Mosela (Galego), Moselle_(departman) (Hrvatski), Moselle_(departemen) (Bahasa Indonesia), Mosella_(dipartimento_francese) (Italiano), Moselle (Kapampangan), მოზელი (ქართული), Moselle (Kiswahili), Moselle (Ladino), Mosella_(praefectura_Franciae) (Latina), Departement_Moselle (Lëtzebuergesch), Mozelis_(departamentas) (Lietuvių), Moselle (Na Vosa Vakaviti), Moselle_(departement) (Nederlands), モゼル県 (日本語), Moselle_(departement) (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬), Moselle (‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬), Mosèla_(departament) (Occitan), Moselle (Plattdüütsch), Mozela_(departament) (Polski), Mosela (Português), Moselle (Română), Мозель_(департамент) (Русский), Moselle (Simple English), Moselle_(departement) (Slovenčina), Moselle (Slovenščina), Мозел_(департман) (Српски / Srpski), Moselle (Suomi), Moselle (Svenska), โมเซลล์ (ไทย), Департаменти_Мозел (Тоҷикӣ), Moselle (Türkçe), Мозель_(департамент) (Українська), Moselle (Tiếng Việt), Moselle (Winaray), 摩泽尔省 (中文) •