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The Mosel Valley is one of the world's best wine regions. There are a lot to see and a lot to taste here. The region produces mostly white wines

Holidays in Germany. The Mosel Valley is one of the world's best wine region. This fact attracts many tourists here. There is a lot what to look and what to try. According to a legend, approximately 2000 years ago the Romans found in the Mosel Valley ideal conditions for vineyards and established the culture of winemaking here. The Mosel Valley produces mostly white wines. The most important sort of grape is Riesling, which is called the "Queen of vines”, and wine is the most noble and high-grade dry white wine of Germany. Connoisseurs of wine give the first place to Mosel Riesling. On the second are also very good wines - Rivaner, Kerner, Elbling, Dornfelder.
Taking a wine tour in the Mosel Valley, you get a chance to see the small towns of winemakers, medieval castles, unique romantic nature, and, of course, taste excellent sweet and dry wines directly from producers and discover how wine is made.

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