Orkhon River


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World Countries Mongolia on map Mongolia video Mongolia

Tours to Mongolia choose lovers of active leisure and adventure seekers: walking and horse riding trip through the Gobi Desert or ridges of the Altai, Golden eagle hunting


Cities Ulaanbaatar on map Ulaanbaatar video Ulaanbaatar

Comfortable hostels, interesting museums, ancient churches and monasteries await tourists in Ulaanbaatar - the capital and largest city of Mongolia

Erdene Zuu monastery

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Erdene Zuu monastery on map Erdene Zuu monastery video Erdene Zuu monastery

Erdene Zuu is the oldest Buddhist monastery of Mongolia, the place of pilgrimage. Its construction was begun in 1586 on the place of Genghis Khan empire’s capital Karakorum

Mongolia, community

Community and politics Mongolia, community on map Mongolia, community video Mongolia, community

Almost 76% of Mongolian community are below the poverty line by the world standards. Upper layers (about 4%) are very far away from the mass of population

Mongolia, culture

Countries Culture Mongolia, culture on map Mongolia, culture video Mongolia, culture

The culture of the Mongols has developed under the influence of art and culture of India, China and Tibet, as Mongolia lies at the crossroads of important trade routes

Mongolia, ethnographic

Traditions and Crafts Mongolia, ethnographic on map Mongolia, ethnographic video Mongolia, ethnographic

Mongolia is a sparsely populated country with a centuries-old traditions of nomad. About 85% of the population - the Mongols; 15% - the Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Chinese, Russians

Mongolia, landscape

Mountains, caves, canons Mongolia, landscape on map Mongolia, landscape video Mongolia, landscape

Landscapes of Mongolia are diverse: mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes. This land has almost no roads – a perfect place for those who want to feel a spirit of Asia

Mongolia, nature

Nature Mongolia, nature on map Mongolia, nature video Mongolia, nature

Mongolia gives a unique opportunity to see the nature in its pristine purity. Here one can observe a variety of winged predators, wolves, antelopes, yaks, herds of wild horses

Mongolia, tourism

Extreme tourism and Walking Mongolia, tourism on map Mongolia, tourism video Mongolia, tourism

Mongolia is a very interesting destination for tourism – there is an opportunity to travel by foot and on horseback, hunting or fishing, immerse in meditation in a Buddhist temple

Naadam festival

Events, Shows, amusement Naadam festival on map Naadam festival video Naadam festival

During the national Naadam festival visitors can get acquainted with traditional Mongolian types of competitions: archery, horse-races, wrestling

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