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Huesca is the centre of economy of Aragon. Tourists are usually attracted here by the Fiesta Mayor in summer and by nice skiing facilities in winter.

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Calatayud is the only stop of the AVE high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid. The city is famous for its well-preserved ancient Muslim fortress.


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Teruel is hard to get to, but this mountainous town worth it. Some of local historical buildings are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.


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Zaragoza, located in the valley of the Ebro River, is as old as the Christian religion. Some tourists are attracted by its history, other – by nature.

Aragon Cuisine

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The most “local” dishes of the diverse but simple Aragon’s cuisine are “Bacalao al Ajoarriero” (cod) and “Pollo a la Chilindrón” (chicken).

Aragon, Extreme tourism

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Thanks to Aragon’s versatile landscapes, there are options for all sorts of extreme lovers from sky divers and climbers to kayakers and cavers

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Thanks to its moderate climate and diversity of landscapes – from the Pyrenees Mountains to river Ebro valleys - Aragon attracts many nature lovers

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In two kilometers from the Piedrafita de Jaca village starts the Lacuniacha Park. Wild animals can be seen here in semi-natural conditions.

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The 3-ha Pirenarium Miniature Theme Park is a chance to explore the Pyrenees without any special equipment. Take your camera and enter mini-Spain!

Winter resort in Aragon

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Aragon embraces 7 ski resorts, including Astun and Candanchu. Both beginners and expert skiers will find enough slopes matching their skills here

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وشقة (العربية), Uesca (Aragonés), Huesca (Asturianu), Уеска (Български), Osca (Català), Huesca (Česky), Huesca (Deutsch), Huesca (Español), Huesca (Esperanto), Güesca (Estremeñu), Huesca (Euskara), هوئسکا (فارسی), Huesca (Français), Huesca_-_Uesca (Galego), 우에스카 (한국어), Huesca_(grad) (Hrvatski), Huesca (Bahasa Indonesia), Huesca (Italiano), אואסקה (עברית), Huesca (Ladino), Osca (Latina), Hueska (Lietuvių), Huesca (Bahasa Melayu), Huesca_(stad) (Nederlands), ウエスカ (日本語), Huesca (‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬), Òsca (Occitan), Huesca (Polski), Huesca (Português), Huesca (Română), Уэска (Русский), Уеска (Српски / Srpski), Huesca (Suomi), Huesca (Svenska), Huesca (Türkçe), Huesca (Vèneto), Huesca (Winaray), 韦斯卡 (中文) •