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The country is the home of the prospering capital Madrid, the vibrant coastal city of Barcelona and the city where flamenco was born, Sevilla.

The Kingdom of Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is a site of the first hominids recorded in Europe, and the prehistoric period of this continent. Under the Roman Empire, Hispania prospered and became one of the empire's most important states. During the early Middle Age it came under Germanic rule. Later, nearly the whole territory of the peninsula came under Muslim rulers. Through a long proceeding Christian kingdoms in the north little by little rolled back Muslim rule, which was finally destroyed in 1492. That year Columbus reached the Americas, the beginnings of a world empire. Spain got to be the strongest kingdom in Europe in the 16th and first half of the 17th centuries but continued wars and other problems eventually conducted to a diminished status. In the middle decades of the 20th century it came under a dictatorship, under which it went through many years of stagnation and then a spectacular economic renewal. Democracy, following the death of Franco was restored in 1978 under the form of a constitutional monarchy.The uniqueness of Spain concentrates in a union of the separate kingdoms which made up the original Spanish nation. These regions guard diverse in their language, culture, cuisine and art. They include: Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla Leуn, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarre and Valencia.Excellent and quiet beaches can be found near Malaga, Huelva and Almerna in the south as well as near the coasts of La Manga, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Euskadi. There are plenty of developed resort towns and crowded beaches on the Costa de la Luz and the Costa del Sol.Spain is known for its culturally diverse heritage, having been influenced by many nations and peoples throughout its history. Spanish culture has its origins in the Iberian, Celtiberian, Latin, Visigothic, Roman Catholic, and Islamic cultures. The Spanish Moors created, called Caliphal style, a style of their own that differs in many aspects from their traditional architecture. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most visited sights by tourists sample of this style, the other one being Granada's Alhambra. After the country was released from the Muslims, Moorish architects who stayed developed another new style combining their traditional architecture with Romanesque and Gothic elements, the Mudejar style. In 12th century Gothic style was introduced in Spain, arriving to its greatest importance during 13th century when the cathedrals of Burgos, Toledo and Leon were built. Gothic in Spain combines frequently with Mudejar-elements. Plateresque style represented by the University of Salamanca is the Spanish variation of Renaissance style. Two opposite approaches of Spanish baroque may be observed: the works of Juan Herrera are remarkably austere, the Monastery "El Escorial". In Galicia exists another variation of baroque style, the so-called Baroco Compostelano , with Santiago de Compostela as its center. Most distinguished of the modern architectural masterpiece is the work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, his great cathedral "Sagrada Familia".Best known among Spain's folkloristic traditions are certainly Flamenco and bullfights. Bullfights you will find indeed throughout the country, the most popular event perhaps being the "Running of Bulls" during the Sanfermines in Pamplona. But bullfights are part and parcel of any Fiesta. Another popular event of religious origin is El Rocio, a traditional pilgimship to the village El Rocio in the province of Huelva, in May. There is a fiesta "Las Fallas de San José" in Valencia, in March, when the entire city becomes the scenery of an enormous party with lots of good mood and excellent fireworks.The traditional Spanish cuisine is excellent: “paella”, "tapas", the "jamón serrano", the "morcilla", the "tortilla" and so many other delicious dishes.

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