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Nesebar is the oldest European city, which is older than five thousand years. It is interesting by wooden architecture, churches, and the well-preserved medieval ruins

Nessebar, situated on a picturesque peninsula, 20 km away from Bourgas and one kilometer away from Sunny Beach, is one of the oldest towns in Europe, which history is more than five thousand years. The old part of the town is interesting by wooden architecture, the remains of churches listed in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO and the well-preserved medieval ruins. The new part attracts with a 4-kilometer long sandy beach in the southern part of the resort and spectrum of entertainment for all tastes.
The Greeks called this city Mesembria, it has always been a major trading center on the Black Sea. In the 1st century AD the city was owned by the ancient Romans. In the 7 th century the town became an important religious center of the Byzantine Empire. Since the 11 th century the town bore the double name: Slavic name Nesebar was used together with the original name Mesembria. The reign of Tsar Alexander I is considered to be a period of the highest development of the city. In the mid-15 th century the town was captured by the Ottoman Turks, and its fortress was destroyed. Up to our days the ruins of the fortress, reliefs, towers are preserved.
Some of the preserved medieval churches are the most remarkable sights of the city. They belong to the X-XIV centuries and characterized by an interesting design of facades. Ornament on the walls of every church is a delightful combination of brick, stone, colorful ceramics. Cross-domed churches, of the Byzantine type, are represented, first of all, by the temple of St. John the Baptist. The temple of St. Stephen also draws attention. The city architecture of the period of national revival is represented by several dozen of houses, located on narrow streets. These are mainly wooden houses of XVI-XVIII centuries. Among them are Moskoyani house, Captain Paul’s house and others. The most significant attractions: the Historical Museum, the archaeological exhibition in the church of Ivan the Baptist. The are also preserved a Turkish bath of the XIX century and 3 windmills. The city provides all conditions for comfortable leisure: hotels, restaurants, bars. Nessebar is a good choice for those who seeks for a quiet and inexpensive vacation. Almost all hotels are on the first coastline here.

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