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Kyrgyzstan attracts thousands of tourists by the natural beauty of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, relict forests, rich fauna and Lake Issyk-Kul

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Bishkek video Cities Bishkek on map Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The main places of interest are concentrated in the center of the city: museums, galleries, shops, parks, squares, restaurants and cafes


Osh video Cities Osh on map Osh

The exact date of Osh city foundation is not known. Legends associate it with the name of Alexander the Great and even the Prophet Solomon


Karakol video Cities Karakol on map  


Mailuu-Suu video Cities Mailuu-Suu on map  


Uzgen video Cities Uzgen on map Uzgen

The city of Uzgen was found in II-I cent BC. The main sights: the 44 m height minaret, mosque and madrassa (early XII cent), the mausoleum of the Karahanid dynasty


Arslanbob video Nature Arslanbob on map Arslanbob

Arslanbob is a national nature reserve. The uniqueness of the reserve is that on a vast territory (over 600 000 hectares) just nut’s and fruit trees grow

Burana Tower

Burana Tower video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Burana Tower on map Burana Tower

The Burana Tower - a minaret made of burned brick. It is one of the earliest and most prominent architectural constructions in Central Asia

Farmers of Kyrgyzstan

Farmers of Kyrgyzstan video Community and politics Farmers of Kyrgyzstan on map  
Farmers of Kyrgyzstan

Hunting with eagles

Hunting with eagles video Hunting and safari Hunting with eagles on map Hunting with eagles

The Kyrghyz hunt with trained Golden Eagles more than 3000 years. Tourists can often witness this exciting, unique performance

Issyk Kul

Issyk Kul video Lakes Issyk Kul on map Issyk Kul

Issyk Kul means «hot lake» in Kyrgyz language. There are a great number of legends about submerged cities and treasures on the bottom of this largest in Kyrgyzstan lake

Issyk Kul, resort

Issyk Kul, resort video World Resorts Issyk Kul, resort on map Issyk Kul, resort

Never freezing, mineralized lake attracts tourists to Issyk-Kul resorts all the year round. The ring of mountains protects the area from hot air of deserts and cold air of the north

Khan Tengri mountain

Khan Tengri mountain video Mountains, caves, canons Khan Tengri mountain on map Khan Tengri mountain

Pyramidal peak of Khan-Tengri mountain, height - 7 010 metres, first conquered in 1931, still remains a place of pilgrimage for mountaineers


Kumis video World Culinary Kumis on map Kumis

Kumis is one of the most ancient beverages in the world, an invention of nomadic civilization. It is made of mare’s milk and very good for one’s health

Kyrgyz Carpet

Kyrgyz Carpet video Traditions and Crafts Kyrgyz Carpet on map Kyrgyz Carpet

Kyrgyz carpet is different from other Central Asian carpets. It is made of sheep's wool and then decorated with bright embroidery, using traditional folk elements

Kyrgyz Kochu Festival

Kyrgyz Kochu Festival video Traditions and Crafts Kyrgyz Kochu Festival on map Kyrgyz Kochu Festival

Kyrgyz Kochu Festival is a show of traditional nomad moving from mountain pastures to plains for winter. All guests are involved in this performance

Kyrgyz yurta

Kyrgyz yurta video Traditions and Crafts Kyrgyz yurta on map Kyrgyz yurta

Wooden frame and felt coating of Kyrgyz yurta is easily disassembled and easily transported on horses or camels at a new location

Kyrgyzstan, biking

Kyrgyzstan, biking video Biking, bicycle tourism Kyrgyzstan, biking on map Kyrgyzstan, biking

Biking in Kyrgyzstan is a great opportunity to have fun and see a lot of interesting. All trip usually lasts 10-15 days. Small groups, skilled guides

Kyrgyzstan, fishing

Kyrgyzstan, fishing video Fishing Kyrgyzstan, fishing on map Kyrgyzstan, fishing

Kyrgyzstan is a proper place for exciting fishing – it is rich in high-mountain clean rivers and pristine lakes, full of fish. The biggest trout can be found in lake Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyzstan, mountaineering

Kyrgyzstan, mountaineering video Extreme tourism and Walking Kyrgyzstan, mountaineering on map Kyrgyzstan, mountaineering

Every year thousands of mountaineering admirers come to Kyrgyzstan to conquer the world-famous 7,000m-odd summits of Pamir - Pobeda Peak, Lenin Peak and Khan Tengri

Kyrgyzstan, paraplan

Kyrgyzstan, paraplan video Extreme tourism and Walking Kyrgyzstan, paraplan on map Kyrgyzstan, paraplan

Paraplan is recently very popular kind of sport in Kyrgyzstan - a great source of adrenaline for tourists. It can be practiced here all the year round

Kyrgyzstan, rafting

Kyrgyzstan, rafting video Rafting Kyrgyzstan, rafting on map Kyrgyzstan, rafting

If you want to get a good dose of adrenalin and have wonderful adventure, come to Kyrgyzstan, rich in turbulent mountain rivers for rafting


Sary-Chelek video Lakes Sary-Chelek on map Sary-Chelek

Sary-Chelek Natural Reserve is the land of magic beauty: high mountain ranges, snow peaks, blooming valleys, forests, turbulent rivers, blue lakes and high-grass meadows

Snow leopard

Snow leopard video Animal World, zoos Snow leopard on map Snow leopard

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia or Uncia uncia) is an endangered specie, listed to the IUCN Red List. There are only a thousand of these large cats in Kyrgyzstan

South Ingelchek glacier

South Ingelchek glacier video Mountains, caves, canons South Ingelchek glacier on map South Ingelchek glacier

South Ingelchek glacier is the largest in the Tien Shan. Tracking on the glacier always occurs in small groups with a skilled guide

Sulayman Mountain

Sulayman Mountain video Mountains, caves, canons Sulayman Mountain on map Sulayman Mountain

At Sulayman Mountain tourists can see the ancient mosques, mausoleums, medieval bath, and two unique caves

Suyab (Ak-Beshim)

Suyab (Ak-Beshim) video Museums, historical monuments Suyab (Ak-Beshim) on map Suyab (Ak-Beshim)

Suyab (Ak-Beshim) was an important point on the Great Silk Road. Thanks to the excavation, one can see the ruins of ancient fortress (X-XII cent), numerous burial mounds

Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat video Museums, historical monuments Tash Rabat on map Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat is the unique archaeological monument of X century AD. It seems to belong to «One Thousand and One Nights» fairy tales

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