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Palaces in the Baroque style, fortresses and castles, small villages on the Danube banks, the Lake Balaton resorts and delicious wine attract tourists to Hungary

Hungary - a country of plains, green hills and low mountains - is located in central-east Europe and shares borders with seven countries: Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.Its main natural wealth, especially in the south-east, is fertile soil, which give excellent yields of maize, wheat, sugar beet and potatoes. The Magyars are considered to be ancestor most of the Hungarians. Magyar kings have ruled the country for five centuries, from 1000 until 1526, when Hungary was enslaved by the Turks. Conquerors were expelled from the country only with the help of the Austrians of Hapsburg dynasty in the XVII th century. Hungary has become an independent state after the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War. At the beginning of the Second World War it was an ally of Germany, but then turned over to the USSR and its allies. It was liberated from Nazi troops in the spring of 1945. In 1948, when Communists came to power, Hungary became a socialist country.In 1990 the first democratic elections were held.The country bears both distinctive European features, and distinct national identities. The Hungarians proudly preserve their traditions, culture and art.Sometimes they call Budapest - Paris of Eastern Europe, thank to a number of tourist attractions. Among the most important historical monuments of the Hungarian capital are: Roman ruins in Óbuda, the Royal Palace, the Castle District and the Kiscelli Museum.Undoubtedly, a cruise on the Danube is unforgettable.Cities with buildings in the Baroque style, harsh fortresses and castles, palaces and small villages along the blue Danube, Lake Balaton, surrounded by resorts and, finally, delicious wines of Eger - only a small part, for the sake of what it worth to visit Hungary.

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The central part of the Hungarian capital is in the UNESCO list of cultural sites of world significance. Budapest is also considered to be the balneological capital of the world


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Balatonfüred is the first balneology health resort on the Balaton Lake, which sprang up in 18th c. and became famous as the "heart sufferer's Mecca". Picturesque nature, excellent wines


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Eger attracts tourists with wonderful architecture in Baroque and Classicism style, curative thermal springs, known from as far back as the Middle Ages, and excellent red and white wine


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Besides the rest on well-kept beaches, Keszthely offers its guests an acquaintance with quiet ancient streets and truly magnificent Baroque palace of the Festetics family


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Charming health resort town of Tapolca is known first of all for its karst caves, famous speleoclinic and underground lake, where boat excursions are conducted


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