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Hungary video World Countries Hungary on map Hungary

Palaces in the Baroque style, fortresses and castles, small villages on the Danube banks, the Lake Balaton resorts and delicious wine attract tourists to Hungary


Budapest video Cities Budapest on map Budapest

The central part of the Hungarian capital is in the UNESCO list of cultural sites of world significance. Budapest is also considered to be the balneological capital of the world


Gyor video Cities Gyor on map  


Kaposvar video Cities Kaposvar on map  


Balatonfüred video Cities Balatonfüred on map Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is the first balneology health resort on the Balaton Lake, which sprang up in 18th c. and became famous as the "heart sufferer's Mecca". Picturesque nature, excellent wines


Eger video Cities Eger on map Eger

Eger attracts tourists with wonderful architecture in Baroque and Classicism style, curative thermal springs, known from as far back as the Middle Ages, and excellent red and white wine


Keszthely video Cities Keszthely on map Keszthely

Besides the rest on well-kept beaches, Keszthely offers its guests an acquaintance with quiet ancient streets and truly magnificent Baroque palace of the Festetics family


Sopron video Cities Sopron on map  


Tapolca video Cities Tapolca on map Tapolca

Charming health resort town of Tapolca is known first of all for its karst caves, famous speleoclinic and underground lake, where boat excursions are conducted

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