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Spain is not only about history& traditions. In the Parque Cartuja everyone can learn about cutting-edge technologies and newest inventions

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Sevilla video Cities Sevilla on map Sevilla

Sevilla is the heart of Andalusian culture, the center of flamenco music and corrida. Excellent restaurants specialized in Andalusian, Spanish and international cuisine

Donana National Park

Donana National Park video National parks, Nature reserves Donana National Park on map Donana National Park

The Donana National Park (a former hunting reserve of the Spanish royal family) is protected by UNESCO. It is home to lots of endangered bird species

Reales Alcazares de Sevilla

Reales Alcazares de Sevilla video Palaces Reales Alcazares de Sevilla on map Reales Alcazares de Sevilla

The Alcázar of Seville was initially a Moorish fortress. But it was rebuilt 2 centuries after its construction, and in 1364 became a posh royal palace

Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Seville Cathedral on map Seville Cathedral

It took architects and workers a little more than a century (1402-1506) to build the Cathedral of Seville, the largest European Gothic church

Spain Square

Spain Square video Town squares Spain Square on map Spain Square

The Spain Square or the Plaza de España is located on the edge of Maria Luisa Park. Its architecture includes alcoves dedicated to Spanish provinces

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