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Food at Lefkada, as well as everywhere in Greece is simple to prepare and definitely include olive oil, vegetables and spices

Holidays in Greece., food. Dishes of Greek cuisine at Lefkada, as well as all over Greece are simple to prepare and definitely include olive oil, vegetables and spices. During its history Greek cuisine was influenced by Italian, Arabic and Turkish cooking schools, but have retained its identity. Seafood and fish - is everyday food, which is prepared in many different variations, but surely with addition of lemon juice. Most popular: salads with fish roe, shrimps, squid and octopus with fried eggs. The Greeks are also passionate lovers of vegetable dishes of eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes, beans, onions, sweet peppers, green beans, etc. Dishes of grape leaves - dolma and sarma, are also very popular. Cheese is usually served separately; meat and poultry are not common, but be sure to try local kebabs of lamb or veal. Desserts are served after main meal - candied fruits, honey-drenched pastries and cakes, and almond candy. Main drinks are coffee and wine, in an incredible number of varieties. On the island of Lefkada they produce dark red, almost black wine Mavrodafni. And among “strong” drinks most popular are: “Ouzo” – anise vodka, "Metaxa" - Brandy and “Kumkuat "- liqueur.

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Lefkada video Regions, areas, large resorts Lefkada on map Lefkada

Lefkada, called Ithaca in ancient times, was the homeland of Odysseus, according to a legend. Here one can visit the Museum of phonographs and the Museum of Folklore

Lefkada Town

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During its long history, the city of Lefkada was under the dominion of the Venetians, French, Turkish, Russians, and British, which gave it its unique color


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Nydri is the main resort of the eastern coast of the island of Lefkada. Tourists will find here turbulent day and nightlife – never ended feisty atmosphere


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Vasiliki Bay is ideal for windsurfing - wind direction and strength are mostly predictable, so competitions are often held there

Agios Ioannis Beach

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Atmosphere at Agios Ioannis Beach is favourable to quiet relaxation, both on beach, and at hotel’s area. At this quiet resort various celebrities like to spend their vacations

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada video Museums, historical monuments Archaeological Museum of Lefkada on map Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada represents the collection of finds of excavations, dated from proto-Greek period until the Roman era


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Kastos is the island of olive trees and stunningly beautiful crystal-clear sea. Local beaches, located in cozy bays are mostly deserted, because one can get here only by water

Kathisma beach

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Kathisma beach, located on the island of Lefkada, is literally translated as "a place where horizon converges". This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and cleanest in Europe

Lefkada, Folklore Festival

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International Folklore Festival is annually held in Lefkada for almost 50 years. At the last week of August, here come folk dance groups from five continents

Lefkada, Nature

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Nature of Lefkada is extraordinarily beautiful. About 50 species of birds, 30 species of mammals, over 600 different species of plants are found here

Lefkada, religion

Lefkada, religion video Community and politics Lefkada, religion on map Lefkada, religion

More then ninety-eight percent of believers worship Orthodox Christianity in Lefakada

Lefkada, resort

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At Lefkada resort there are excellent hotels, playgrounds, gymnasiums, swimming pools, clean sandy beaches, inexpensive restaurants and cafes, possibility to rent anything, even a yacht

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Lefkada offers everything your heart desires for active leisure and adventure tourism - windsurfing, diving, kayaking, yachting, parachuting, water skiing, cycling, hiking and horseback riding

Porto Katsiki

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Porto Katsiki

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