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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands video Regions, areas, large resorts Faroe Islands on map Faroe Islands

Faroes are islands of volcanic origin with fiord indented coastline; majestic landscapes, austere beauty of nature; excellent conditions for ecotourism

Faroe Islands Cuisine

Faroe Islands Cuisine video World Culinary Faroe Islands Cuisine on map Faroe Islands Cuisine

Traditional Faroes cuisine is based on meat (mutton and whale meat), fresh fish and seafoods, sheep cheese and potatoes, meat and eggs of marine birds

Faroe Islands, Diving and Fishing

Faroe Islands, Diving and Fishing video Diving, Underwater World Faroe Islands, Diving and Fishing on map Faroe Islands, Diving and Fishing

Crystal-clear coastal waters and numerous remains of sunken ships make Faroes a popular diving place; the islands are noted also for excellent lake and sea fishing

Faroes Islands, Culture

Faroes Islands, Culture video Countries Culture Faroes Islands, Culture on map Faroes Islands, Culture

Because of their long isolation from Europe Faroes managed to maintain a great part of their unique traditional culture; they are best known for their folk music and national round dance

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