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Surroundings of Cuenca, including the picturesque Cuenca Mountains, waterfalls and thermal springs in Solán de Cabras, are a nice place for tourism.

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Cuenca, Cuisine

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Cuenca’s cuisine gourmet musts are: a roast lamb, “morteruelo” – several kinds of stewed meat and “el alajú”, a dessert with almonds, honey and spices

Cuenca, Historical monuments

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The most well-known historical monuments of Cuenca are: the Cuenca Castle (X c.), Mangana Tower (XVI c.) and the old Saint Paul convent (XVI c.)

Cuenca, Holidays and festivals

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Nice time to visit Cuenca is Easter, when the Religious Music Week takes place. Celebration of Cuenca’s foundation on April 10-13 is also worth seeing

Cuenca, Museums

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Cuenca is home to Diocese's Museum of religious art, Museum of Abstract Art located in the picturesque Hanging Houses, Cuenca Museum and others.

Cuenca, nature

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Cuenca is rich not only with history but also with nature. Diverse parks, such as San Julián, Los Moralejos and others, are open all the year round

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