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Abkhazia video Regions, areas, large resorts Abkhazia on map Abkhazia

Visit to Abkhazia is excellent both in winter and summer due to different climatic zones of the country - from eternal snows on mountain tops, to humid subtropical on the coast


Gagra video Cities Gagra on map Gagra

Gagra, the most picturesque resort town of Abkhazia, offers a comfortable rest on the endless beaches, excursions; 22 km from the airport of Adler

New Athos

New Athos video Cities New Athos on map New Athos

Tour to New Athos gives the unique opportunity not only to enjoy the warm sea and mild subtropical climate, but also to get acquainted with the ancient history of the city


Pitsunda video World Resorts Pitsunda on map Pitsunda

Rest in Pitsunda is pleasant and very good for one’s health thanks to subtropical climate, clean air, warm sea and various health-centers


Sukhumi video Cities Sukhumi on map Sukhumi

The capital of Abkhazia, Sukhumi, is one of the finest resorts with magnificent beaches, spa, the famous Botanical Garden and Apery

Abkhazian Cuisine

Abkhazian Cuisine video World Culinary Abkhazian Cuisine on map  
Abkhazian Cuisine

Avian waterfall

Avian waterfall video Waterfalls Avian waterfall on map  
Avian waterfall

Bee garden

Bee garden video World Culinary Bee garden on map  
Bee garden

Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa video Lakes Lake Ritsa on map  
Lake Ritsa

New Athos Cave

New Athos Cave video Mountains, caves, canons New Athos Cave on map  
New Athos Cave

New-Athos Monastery

New-Athos Monastery video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques New-Athos Monastery on map  
New-Athos Monastery

St. Panteleimon cathedral

St. Panteleimon cathedral video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques St. Panteleimon cathedral on map St. Panteleimon cathedral

St. Panteleimon (Saint Pantaleon) cathedral, the biggest in Abkhazia, was built in XIX century. Women allowed to visit the monastery should wear long skirts and be head covered

Yupsharsky canon

Yupsharsky canon video Mountains, caves, canons Yupsharsky canon on map  
Yupsharsky canon

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