Kenai Fjords National Park

 AlaskaUnited States

Mountains, ice and ocean meet in the Kenai Fjords National Park. The Park offers a range of opportunities for visitors to explore and enjoy this special piece of natural heritage

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Detailed interactive map Kenai Fjords National Park

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Alaska is the land of wild, primeval nature, snowy mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, bare islands, dense forests, tundra. Cold winters and hot springs; the richest sources of mineral and fuel resources


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Seward, located on the southern coast of Alaska, attracts tourists with national parks, salmon rivers and gold deposits

Alaska clam harvest

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Alaska clam harvest

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Alaska is real Mecca for fans of ecological and adventure tourism, fishing, hunting and other forms of active recreation

Alaska's Kodiak bears

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Alaska's Kodiak bears

Chena Hot Springs Resort

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Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chugach Mountains

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Every year millions of brave mountaineers and skiers come to Chugach Mountains to make extreme passage through ice tunnels, mountain slopes and forests

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Each summer thousands of visitors to Crow Creek Mine try their luck at finding gold, but it is still far from mined out. It is likely that more gold remains than has been found so far

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Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

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Fishing at Pilgrim River

Gull Island, Homer

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Gull Island, Homer is a huge rock in the Kachemak bay. In this safe place several species of birds are based, build nests and chicks out

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Each year in the late winter Ice Sculpture festival takes place in the city of Fairbanks. Hundreds of giant ice statues are created here

Kachemak Bay State Park

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Kachemak Bay State Park will enjoy both adults and children: rich flora and fauna, great opportunities for any kind of sports, numerous campings

Motorcycle Run, Chatanika

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Motorcycle run in Chatanika is held almost every month. The point is that there are a lot of bikers, and they like to compete with each other. It is a thrilling spectacle for tourists

Russian Village, Ninilchik

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Russian Village of Ninilchik was formed back in 1820th by members of Russian-American Company. Today their descendants live here

Salty Dawg Saloon, Homer

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Salty Dawg Saloon, Homer was opened in 1957. Now it is a very popular tourist’s place. By the tradition, started by a local souse, they leave one dollar’s bills on the walls and ceiling

Seavey homestead, Seward

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Seward is known for the large number of dog kennels and dog races that are arranged here rather frequently

Spencer Lake and Glacier

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Fascinating trip across the Spencer lake to the Glacier one will remember forever: unspoiled northern wilderness, wild animals, flocks of birds

Wildlife Conservation Center

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In Wildlife Conservation Center tourists can observe life of bisons, mooses, grizzly bears, musk bulls and many others in natural environment

Wildlife Tours in Alaska

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Wildlife Tours in Alaska

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