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The ancient city of Butrint keeps secrets of generations of its inhabitants of three millenniums - from the ancient Greeks to the Venetians

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Albania could become a real tourist discovery. In this country there are two seas, mountains, rivers, lakes and beautiful valleys with orange groves

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Ancient fortresses of Albania, many of which are museums now, annually attract thousands of tourists. There are: Berat Castle, Castle Burgjet, Pegin Castle and others

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Бутринт (Български), Butrint (Català), Butrint (Česky), Butrint (Dansk), Butrint (Deutsch), Βουθρωτό (Ελληνικά), Butrinto (Español), Butrint (Esperanto), Butrint (Euskara), Buthrote (Français), Butrint (Hrvatski), Butrint (Bahasa Indonesia), Butrinto (Italiano), בוטרינט (עברית), ბუტრინტი (ქართული), Buthrotum (Latina), Butrint (Magyar), Бутринт (Македонски), Butrint (Nederlands), ブトリント (日本語), Butrint (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬), Butrint (‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬), Butrint (Polski), Butrint (Português), Butrint (Română), Бутринти (Русский), Butrinti (Shqip), Butrint (Slovenčina), Бутринт (Српски / Srpski), Butrint (Suomi), Butrint (Svenska), Butrint (Türkçe), Butrinto (Vèneto), Butrint (Tiếng Việt), 布特林特 (中文) •