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Saint Helena is a peak of an ancient underwater volcano (height above the seafloor 4224 m, base diameter - 130 km. ) The underwater world is very interesting

Helena, nature. Island’s landscape is volcanic, a sublime, as it itself is the top of a huge underwater ancient volcano (with the height of 4224 meters above seabed, base diameter - 130 km.). The highest point is Diana's Peak (818 meters). The island is surrounded by many small plateaus abruptly turning into a complex system of inter-mountain gorges and valleys. At the top of the mountain slopes there is a rain forest and reserve zone. Closer to the edge of the ocean green slopes give way to cliffs and grassy plateaus, and coastal plain itself is entirely covered with numerous rocky cliffs, height up to 300 meters. On the coast, there are narrow valleys, tiny bays, one of which is home to the capital of Saint Helena - Jamestown. Underwater world is very interesting here.

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