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Unlike other German lands, exquisite French cuisine is distributed in Saarland. The capital - Saarbrücken is home to Saarland University

Saarland, located in south-west Germany, shares northern and eastern borders with the land of Rhineland-Palatinate, to the south - with France and to the west - with France and Luxembourg. Saarbrücken is the capital and the largest city.
The country has a mountainous terrain.
Saarland became a part of the Roman Empire in the 1 st century BC, but later moved to the Franks. In the Middle Ages on the territory of Saar, there were several Germanic feudal principalities. In the XVII and XVIII centuries it was twice occupied by France, but after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815 was divided between Prussia and Bavaria. After the reunification of Germany in 1871 became one of the major industrial areas of the country. During World War II, Saarland was almost completely destroyed. After the war, it was into French occupation zone. January 1, 1957 Saar has become a separate land in the Federal Republic of Germany under the name of Saarland.
For centuries these lands often were a place of military conflicts, that is why very few of historical and architectural monuments have survived in Saarland. However, in Saarbrücken there are 3316 burials of the Second World War, and so there are always a lot of tourists in the city, especially closer to the eighth of May.
Unlike other German lands, exquisite French cuisine is distributed in Saarland.
On the territory of the country there are a number of German scientific institutions. The capital - Saarbrücken is home to Saarland University.

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