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NewsAlgeria • 2013-03-29

Select the country and object's type International Tourism and Travel (SITEV 2013)- 16 to 19 May 2013

Within the required holding of the 14 th edition of the International Tourism and Travel (SITEV 2013). To be held at the Exhibition Centre pines Safex (Algiers) from 16 to 19 May 2013

The National Office of Tourism has the pleasure to invite you to participate in this important event.

As you know, the tourism industry is lowered. The financial crisis and its socio-economic impacts, serious concerns about the deteriorating climate, have led to new reflexes in societies consuming tourism products.

Their quest now lives in search of destinations on a human scale, in areas devolved to the adventure and spiritual questions. Our country, Algeria, must carve his share in legitimacy. The many facets of the pleasure offered through this magnificent territory, infinite and infinitely hospital are a chance for those who want to go.

This year\'s edition will be dedicated to SITEV domestic tourism a national priority.

Exceptional media coverage (national and international) will cover this event.

Outside thid event an oress trip will be organised,could you please,confirm your participation in this event.

The exhibition program an press trip will be annouced later

Hoping to enhance this event through your participation, please accept Mr. expression of my highest consideration

For information and registration:

Contact: nacera Moumene

Responsible for media and public relations

National Tourist Office

Tel: + 213 21 43 80 62

Fax: + 213 21 43 80 62/43 80 59

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