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Linderhof Palace (1870-1878) was built by architect George Dolman in harsh mountain landscape environment. Decoration of the palace will surprise any traveler

Attractions of Germany. Linderhof Palace (1870-1878) was built by architect George Dolman on the order of King Ludwig II in harsh mountain landscape environment. It was the royal villa for privacy. Ludwig II often visited it up to his tragic death at the 13 th of June 1886.
Decoration of the castle will surprise any traveller. The Gobelin room with a piano, harmonium and porcelain peacock in full-size, is decorated with mural paintings, paintings and furniture in the Rococo style. In walls decorating of the reception room there are two marble fireplace adorned with equestrian statues of kings Louis - XV and XVI. Gold-plated desk set is on the king’s desktop between fireplaces. The largest room of the castle is the Royal room, which was lighted by crystal candelabra with 108 candles in old days. There are numerous marble sculptures, stucco and ceiling paintings on themes of ancient mythology. Incredibly beautiful Oval Dining Room and Hall of Mirrors, Galleries and ornamental garden, a pool with fountains and terraced gardens in the Renaissance style, the Round temple with a marble statue of Venus and 300-year-old linden, Moorish pavilion and a peacock throne, the artificial stalactite cave - Grotto of Venus and the golden prow of shells.

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