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Lapland is a great place for winter tourism. Snow covers ground already in October, what provides many opportunities for any active leisure: reindeer and dog safari, skiing, hunting, riding on snowmobiles and sleds

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Wildlife is dominated in Lapland - dense forests with bears and wolves, rivers and lakes are full of fish. Excellent place for ecotourism and active leisure all year round


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Rovaniemi is located very close to the Arctic Circle, so it is possible to observe a real polar day, and polar night, and northern lights here. It is a residence of Santa Claus


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Lapland, resort

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Lapland resorts are broadly similar - visitors can explore the area's unforgettable nature. The main factors in deciding your ideal resort are the level of commercialism and the standard and type of accommodation available

Lapland, summer tourism

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Sport activities and tourism: hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, etc will help to feel the beauty of Lapland nature in summer time

Rovaniemi, tourism

Rovaniemi, tourism video Extreme tourism and Walking Rovaniemi, tourism on map Rovaniemi, tourism

Rovaniemi is the unique tourist destination - one can experience Christmas throughout a year here! It is the hometown of Santa Claus who can be met on any day of the year at the Santa Claus Office on the Arctic Circle

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