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Finland is an ideal country for active leisure regardless of a season. In summer - trekking, cycling, roller-blading, canoeing and boating; in winter - cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, dog-sledging, reindeer-sleigh safaris etc

Since time immemorial, in the north of Europe, in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, tribal sum, Western Karelia, and Suomi (Finnish). They became as the basis of the Finnish nation is gradually taking shape. The Finns, who have a Swedish dependency in XII-XIII centuries land Finns have become dependent on Sweden and remained subordinated to the Swedish crown until the XVIII-XIX centuries. Since 1721 a gradual entry of the Finnish territory in the Rossiysko have gone state. First, under Peter I, Russia was Karelia and Vyborg, then, in the middle of the century is the south-eastern part of Finland. Finally, in 1809 the whole Finland is the Grand Duchy of Finland in the part of Russia. Its capital was proclaimed the town of Helsingfors (now Helsinki) in 1812, performing this role and to this day. XIX century introduced the world to the Finnish culture. Publication of "Kalevala", Works of Runeberg and Kiwi, the music of Sibelius, painting Galena-Kallela aroused great interest in the world to this small northern country. Over a hundred years, until 1917 - the year of education of the independent Republic of Finland - the country has passed a difficult way of becoming their own statehood. Finland is a picturesque region of thousands of lakes and islands. Almost two-thirds of its territory covered by forests. His prosperity of modern Finland is in no small part to the rich natural resources, which the Finns are not only ekonomino use, but in every way facilitate the protection and enhancement. Wood processing industry is the main branch of the economy. Dense forests, mostly coniferous, cover 75% of the country. They supply the raw material for furniture and paper industry, the share of products whose exports of the country is the third part. In order to preserve one of the main wealth of the country on the felled forests planted new ones. One of the main branches of the Finnish national economy is fishing: sea, river, lake is in fact there are about 180 thousand lakes, countless rivers and 1100 km of the coast. In rivers and lakes in Finland are found pike, trout, perch and salmon. Main fishing saltwater fish is cod. On vacation in Finland can come at any time of year, on holidays or weekends, to rent a bus, car, boat or bicycle. You can live in a small hotel with a water park or in a cottage on the lake. Whatever place for recreation you choose, you can always find on their liking. Among the ski resorts popular Vuokatti, Talma, Kuopio, Levi, Ruka, HIMOS. The Finns believe that they invented the skis and invite everyone to ride with them. Trails and Trail are everywhere, they are well maintained and are covered in the evenings. You can also ride on the reindeer and dog sledding, sleigh, horse-drawn trams, snowboarding and snowmobiling. And you can visit Santa Claus at the North Pole and, of course, try to see the unforgettable miracle of nature is the Northern Lights. Translated by Google translator

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Finland is an ideal country for active leisure regardless of a season. In summer - trekking, cycling, roller-blading, canoeing and boating; in winter - cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, dog-sledging, reindeer-sleigh safaris etc
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