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Kotka is one of the oldest cities in the country (the first settlements appeared here in XI cent)- great opportunities for recreation, many first-class hotels, excellent shopping

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Finland video World Countries Finland on map Finland

Finland is an ideal country for active leisure regardless of a season. In summer - trekking, cycling, roller-blading, canoeing and boating; in winter - cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, dog-sledging, reindeer-sleigh safaris etc


Helsinki video Cities Helsinki on map Helsinki

Helsinki is the cultural and tourist center of Finland with a great deal of museums and architectural monuments


Lapland video Regions, areas, large resorts Lapland on map Lapland

Wildlife is dominated in Lapland - dense forests with bears and wolves, rivers and lakes are full of fish. Excellent place for ecotourism and active leisure all year round


Lappeenranta video Cities Lappeenranta on map Lappeenranta

Sports facilities to suit all tastes are there in Lappeenranta: golf, squash, badminton, tennis, billiards. There are also a race track, numerous ski trails and water-health resort with swimming pools, saunas, whirlpool baths, waterfalls, etc


Petäjävesi video Regions, areas, large resorts Petäjävesi on map  

Rauma, Finland

Rauma, Finland video Regions, areas, large resorts Rauma, Finland on map  
Rauma, Finland


Rovaniemi video Cities Rovaniemi on map Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is located very close to the Arctic Circle, so it is possible to observe a real polar day, and polar night, and northern lights here. It is a residence of Santa Claus

West Finland

West Finland video Regions, areas, large resorts West Finland on map West Finland

Thanks to warm summer sun and clear sea water, West Finland is famous for sailing schools, windsurfing, rafting, diving and water parks. Walking trails pass through national parks and reserves. Excellent fishing


Kolari video Cities Kolari on map Kolari

Kolari is best suited for summer holidays: walking, cycling, fishing, hiking and other fun; in winter - cross-country skiing, reindeer-sleigh safaris


Kouvola video Cities Kouvola on map Kouvola

The town of Kouvola originally grew up around the junction of the north-south and east-west rail tracks. It still prospers and benefits from its logistically good location


Turku video Cities Turku on map Turku

Turku is the oldest city of Finland (13th cent) - a mixture of a long history and modernity. As in any medieval European city, there is a river, a cathedral, a castle, and a market square

Kotka Maretarium

Kotka Maretarium video Animal World, zoos Kotka Maretarium on map Kotka Maretarium

Kotka Maretarium - a huge aquarium with a remarkable collection of Finnish fauna and fish. Fascinating divers show

Kotka, recreation

Kotka, recreation video Popular tourist places Kotka, recreation on map Kotka, recreation

The harbor town of Kotka has everything one’s heart desires for perfect recreation: islands, rivers, rocks, lakes, waterfalls, parks and beaches; cozy campsites and hotels


Levi video World Resorts Levi on map Levi

Levi is an elite resort for active family holidays. It is comfortable to leave and to engage in various kinds of sports at any time of a year

Wood Jewel

Wood Jewel video Traditions and Crafts Wood Jewel on map Wood Jewel

WOOD JEWEL is a company that manufactures wood products in Kolary, Finish Lapland. All products are hand made mainly of curly birch

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