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Italy - the cradle of European civilization, a country with a mild Mediterranean climate and a charming nature. Sea coast of Italy extends for 7. 5 thousand km.

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Abruzzo video Regions, areas, large resorts Abruzzo on map Abruzzo

Abruzzo is the land, where high in the mountains in May one can go in for skiing and at the same time on wide sandy beaches of the Adriatic one can swim and sunbathe

Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands video Regions, areas, large resorts Aeolian Islands on map  
Aeolian Islands


Basilicata video Regions, areas, large resorts Basilicata on map  


Bologna video Cities Bologna on map Bologna

The famous silhouette of Bologna draw beautiful high towers. In the Middle Ages the total number of towers reached 180, but today no more than a dozen left


Campania video Regions, areas, large resorts Campania on map Campania

Campania region attracts tourists by the ruins of ancient cities Pompeii and Herculaneum , Vesuvius volcano, the islands of Capri and Ischia, delightful coast of Gulf of Naples


Lazio video Regions, areas, large resorts Lazio on map Lazio

The region of Lazio is famous not only for the treasures of eternal Rome. There is a national park Circeo, which was established to protect the flora, fauna and natural landscapes


Liguria video Regions, areas, large resorts Liguria on map Liguria

Landscapes of Liguria - Italian Riviera - strike with contrasts: sea and rocks, modern resorts and inaccessible villages, bustling port cities and quiet bays


Lombardia video Regions, areas, large resorts Lombardia on map Lombardia

Lombardia – a great cultural wealth, national traditions, the unique cuisine and wine. Local mountains promise an unforgettable vacations for fans of skiing, walking, bicycle


Marche video Regions, areas, large resorts Marche on map Marche

High season, when the beaches are especially crowded is short in Marche: since mid-July until the 3rd week of August. Then one can enjoy excellent architecture in peace


Piedmont video Regions, areas, large resorts Piedmont on map Piedmont

Piedmont is the northern Alpine region of Italy known for its excellent ski resorts and dishes from the famous white truffle


Puglia video Regions, areas, large resorts Puglia on map Puglia

Puglia well suits both for tourists wishing to relax on sunny beaches and those who want to do some shopping at the best stores, visit countryside and medieval villages

Roma (Rome)

Roma (Rome) video Cities Roma (Rome) on map Roma (Rome)

Rome - the eternal city - the stunning combination of historical center with ancient ruins, palaces and squares and all the main features of a modern metropolis


Sicily video Regions, areas, large resorts Sicily on map  


Toscana video Regions, areas, large resorts Toscana on map Toscana

On the territory of the Toscana region, there are two national parks and more than 100 nature reserves, as well as three regional natural parks; great architecture


Trapani video Cities Trapani on map  


Trentino video Regions, areas, large resorts Trentino on map Trentino

Trentino do not have access to sea. It is a mountainous region with a large number of small mountain lakes – a paradise for winter sports fans

Trentino-Alto Adige

Trentino-Alto Adige video Regions, areas, large resorts Trentino-Alto Adige on map  
Trentino-Alto Adige


Triest video Cities Triest on map Triest

For those who love history, walking in Triest is delightful. Although this city is more medieval, the earlier civilizations left the imprint here. Excellent shopping


Umbria video Regions, areas, large resorts Umbria on map Umbria

Umbria - a peaceful land of Saint Francis, soft landscapes and snow-covered mountains; a small region with a remarkable cuisine, wine and marvelous medieval cities

Valle D`Aosta

Valle D`Aosta video Regions, areas, large resorts Valle D`Aosta on map Valle D`Aosta

Valle D`Aosta area is famous for its cheeses, and the most high mountain vineyards in Europe. There are more than a hundred of medieval castles, but well preserved only few


Veneto video Regions, areas, large resorts Veneto on map Veneto

Nearly 80 thousand hectares of Veneto region are occupied by vineyards. Among the classic wines of Veneto there are Soave Classico, Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella "Rafael" etc


Ancona video Cities Ancona on map  


Campobasso video Cities Campobasso on map  

Firenze (Florence)

Firenze (Florence) video Cities Firenze (Florence) on map Firenze (Florence)

Florence - the capital of the Italian Renaissance, the world centre of art and culture, where the most of the cultural heritage of Italy is concentrated


Milano video Cities Milano on map  


Napoli video Cities Napoli on map  


Venice video Cities Venice on map Venice

Venice - a seaside resort, a centre of international tourism of worldwide significance. Famous international film festivals and art exhibitions are held here


Capri video Islands, archipelagos Capri on map  

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