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NewsItaly • 2013-08-20

Select the country and object's type Enjoy FriuLI VEnezia Giulia\'s events - from October to November 2013

A selection of 10 food and wine, cultural, music and

sporting events, which will take place in the region from October to November 2013


The environment and atmosphere of Friulian and Julian territory, customs, national and international trends of the old time, are presented in Gorizia, border city par excellence, in a exhibition of advertising posters, extraordinary sketches, books and tables illustrating views of various cities.

Date: From Friday 29th March to Sunday 20th October

Type of event: Exhibition

Location: Gorizia


Constantine and Theodore

Meizlik Palace, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta and the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia, UNESCO heritage, host the exhibition of the monumental and urban development that led Aquileia to be one of the most important seats in the Annonaria Diocese: new residence of the emperors, strictly connected with Milan, the new capital, and one of the nine most important cities of the empire, famous for its monumental complexes and to the port.

Date: From Friday 5th to Sunday 3rd November

Type of event: Exhibition

Location: Aquileia (UD)


Guided visits to the crown of the Vajont dam

A walk along the crown of the Vajont Dam and through the Bosco Vecchio path, in the wonderful frame of the Friulian Dolomites, starts from the Visitor Centre of Erto e Casso. The visit describes in a detailed and scientific way the whole event from the planning of the “grande Vajont” hydroelectric basin to the trial following the tragedy of 1963 whose Golden Jubilee will occur this year.

Date: Until Sunday 3rd November

Type of event: cultural

Location: Visitor Centre of Erto e Casso (PN)


32nd Silent Film Festival

A week of movie marathon, one of the major international events dedicated to the preservation, diffusion and study of the first thirty years of the cinema: the Silent Film Festival, whose program is dedicating this year to a wide retrospective on Swedish, Ukrainian and Mexican cinema, attracts in Pordenone a thousand of scholars, archivists, collectors, journalists, students and amateurs.

Date: From Saturday 5th to Saturday 12th October

Type of event: festival

Location: Pordenone


Marathon (and small marathon) of the wine cities

Thousands of people from all over Europe this year depart from Dolegna del Collio for the 42 km marathon and from Buttrio for the 21 km marathon along the roads of wine and flavors of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Not-to-be-missed are the wine makers, restaurants, agritourisms, who present to athletes a special marathon of taste with frico, polenta, fine wine and much more.

Date: Sunday 6th October

Type of event: sport

Location: Buttrio, Manzano, Cividale del Friuli, Dolegna del Collio, Corno di Rosazzo, Prepotto, Premariacco and San Giovanni al Natisone


45th Barcolana (regatta)

Trieste and Barcolana, an inseparable duo. The edition number 45 of this great celebration of the sea, the most crowded and popular regatta in the Mediterranean, the meeting opportunity for more than twenty thousand sailors in front of an audience of over 300 thousand people waits for you on Sunday 13th October. On stage in Trieste and along the waterfront (Rive) a gathering of vintage boats, Barcolana of paper, the sea-books festival, the concerts and the lively Barcolana Village.

Date: From Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th October

Type of event: sport

Location: Trieste


Nautilia - 26^ second hand boat show

50,000 square meters of exhibition space, 1,000 linear meters of docks on the ground, 15,000 visitors, over 200 second hand quality boats and 50 brands represented: Nautilia in Aprilia Marittima (UD) is the only and the largest second hand boat show where boats are placed on the ground and so can be visited in their entirety. Frame of the exhibition are the new offers of nautical agencies, insurance companies, charter, leasing, sailing schools, accessories and clothing.

Date: From Saturday 26th October to Sunday 3rd November

Type of event: Show

Location: Aprilia Marittima, Latisana (UD)


Pumpkin Celebration

Musicians and jugglers, fire eaters, noble ladies and knights, the Archduke and the members of the Confraternity of the Holy Pumpkin, terrible warriors, the charlatan and the beggar… in Venzone all eyes look at her Majesty the Pumpkin. Pumpkins everywhere: in the streets, in the windows, inns and taverns, stalls, pumpkins dressed in every sauce, able to satisfy even the most curious and demanding palate.

Date: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October

Type of event: folklore, food&wine

Location: Venzone (UD)



All the pleasures of the good food in a big food and wine, social, cultural and economic event: the fair of Udine Good speaks of identity, nutrition and wellness, in order to treat yourself without spending a fortune, cooking, recipes, wine, companies and jobs. A meeting place for the fans of food and wine, the brands and the professionals.

Date: From Thursday 31st October to Sunday 3rd November

Type of event: Food&wine Expo

Location: Udine


Memory trip in a historical train from Redipuglia to Caporetto (Kobarid)

Can you relive old emotions and feelings in a train journey? Yes, if traveler partners are the re-enactors in old uniforms of the armies that were deployed in battle. Starting from Redipuglia, the symbol for excellence of the common European memory of the Great War, moving from Transalpine station in Gorizia, crossing the old border, reaching to Most na Sochi (Saint Lucia) and from there continue to the final destination of Kobarid (Caporetto-Karfreit), in a memory trip that goes over the time.

Date: Saturday 2nd November

Type of event: historical, commemoration

Location: Redipuglia, Gorizia, Caporetto


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