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Byzantium, Nova Roma, Constantinople are the ancient names of the modern city situated on two continents. Istanbul keeps memorials of all nations that resided here.

Istanbul is one of the most important tourism places of Turkey. It is located on the Bosphorus Strait, and surrounds the natural harbor known as the Golden Horn. It extends both on the European (Thrace) and on the Asian (Anatolia) side of the Bosphorus, and is the only metropolis in the world which is situated on two continents. In its long history, Istanbul served as the capital city of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire , and the Ottoman Empire.

Byzantium is the first known name of the city. When Roman emperor Constantine I made the city the new eastern capital of the Roman Empire in 330, he named it Nova Roma. Constantinople was the name by which the city became more widely known. The city has also been nicknamed "The City on Seven Hills". The modern Turkish name Istanbul has been the common name for the city in normal Turkish speech since the 15 century.

Daily life in Istanbul is colorful and vibrant and continues to hurry side by side with many carefully protected Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments.
The most important monuments in the city include the Column of Constantine, the Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, the Hagia Irene and Basilica Cistern, the Galata Tower, the Hagia Sophia, the fortress Anadoluhisari, the Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Topkapi Palace, The Grand Bazaar etc.

Istanbul is often considered the capital of Turkey in terms of commerce, entertainment, culture, education, shopping, tourism and art. Istanbul Archaeology Museum is one of the largest and most famous museums of its kind in the world. The Turkish Bathe (the hamams) is an attractive place for visit, the finest example the Cemberlitas Hamami is situated in Istanbul. Live shows and concerts occur at a number of locations including historical sites such as the Hagia Irene, Rumeli Fortress, Yedikule Castle etc.

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Byzantium, Nova Roma, Constantinople are the ancient names of the modern city situated on two continents. Istanbul keeps memorials of all nations that resided here.
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