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The State of Israel appeared on the world political map only in 1948, but it is very rich in monuments of the most diverse civilizations, the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

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Bethlehem video Cities Bethlehem on map Bethlehem

Bethlehem, one of the oldest cities on the Earth, was founded in about 16-17 cent. BC. King David was born here. It is the most holy place for Christians as a birthplace of Jesus Christ

Dead Sea

Dead Sea video World Resorts Dead Sea on map Dead Sea

The pearl of Israel - the Dead Sea - is a treasury of minerals. There is no equivalent to the therapeutic impact of local healing mud in the world


Eilat video World Resorts Eilat on map Eilat

Eilat-resort suggests a wide range of attractions: beach rest, the amusement park, the Dolphinarium, the underwater observatory with aquarium, restaurants, dancings, boutiques


Galilee video Regions, areas, large resorts Galilee on map Galilee

For any Christian Galilee is the holy place, forever connected with the name of Jesus Christ and the birth of the Christian faith


Jerusalem video Cities Jerusalem on map Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Judah, the center of three world religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam. High tourist service


Acre video Cities Acre on map  

Bet She'An

Bet She'An video Cities Bet She'An on map  
Bet She'An

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv video Cities Tel Aviv on map Tel Aviv

There are no ancient sights in Tel Aviv, but there are eclectic architecture, sunny golden beaches, oyster bars, ultramodern nightclubs, elite boutiques etc

A peace festival in Negev Desert

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A peace festival in Negev Desert

Christian Tours in Israel

Christian Tours in Israel video Tours, excursions, cruises Christian Tours in Israel on map  
Christian Tours in Israel

Israel tours

Israel tours video Tours, excursions, cruises Israel tours on map Israel tours

A trip to Israel gives an opportunity not only to relax on any golden beach of the three seas, but also make a pilgrimage to the holy places of world significance and improve one’s health

Israel, community

Israel, community video Community and politics Israel, community on map Israel, community

Israel community is divers - Jews from all over the world brought with them cultural and religious traditions. The most significant minority of Israel- the Arabs

Israel, culture

Israel, culture video Countries Culture Israel, culture on map Israel, culture

The rich cultural heritage of Jewish people in Israel is unparalleled. The most significant minority - the Arabs also left imprint in architecture, music and cuisine of the country

Israel, landscape

Israel, landscape video Mountains, caves, canons Israel, landscape on map Israel, landscape

Landscape of Israel is very diverse, ranging from blossoming national parks to scorched desert.


Masada video Fortresses, Castles Masada on map  


Negev video Mountains, caves, canons Negev on map  

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