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Iran is a treasury of ancient cities, magnificent ruins, mosques, mausoleums, museums. For active recreation there are well equipped ski resorts, hang gliding, biking

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Fars Province

Fars Province video Regions, areas, large resorts Fars Province on map  
Fars Province

Isfahan (Esfahan)

Isfahan (Esfahan) video Cities Isfahan (Esfahan) on map Isfahan (Esfahan)

Isfahan attracts tourists by monuments of Islamic architecture of XI-XIX centuries, as well as oriental bazaars, parks and gardens


Tehran video Cities Tehran on map Tehran

Tehran is a modern metropolis with a very ancient history. Tourists will certainly be interested in numerous museums of the capital of Iran


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Iran, biking

Iran, biking video Biking, bicycle tourism Iran, biking on map Iran, biking

Many tour operators offer biking tours in Iran. It helps to examine the country's unique attractions more closely

Iran, community

Iran, community video Community and politics Iran, community on map Iran, community

Traditionally, the most influential and wealthy people in Iran are members of the Pehlevi dynasty shah family, as well as religious leaders, tribal chiefs, landowners and merchants

Iran, culture

Iran, culture video Countries Culture Iran, culture on map Iran, culture

The distinguishing feature of Iranian culture is religiosity, which penetrates all aspects of Muslim life. Iranian art forms developed under the influence of religion

Iran, ethnographic

Iran, ethnographic video Traditions and Crafts Iran, ethnographic on map Iran, ethnographic

About a third part of Iran's population are nomads. At boisterous bazaars one can buy traditional gifts: famous Persian carpets, jewelry, different chess sets and caskets

Iran, landscape

Iran, landscape video Mountains, caves, canons Iran, landscape on map Iran, landscape

Iran’s landscape is a sharp contrast between high mountains, covered with eternal ice and hot desert lowlands. The country is rich in water resources and fertile land

Iran, nature

Iran, nature video Nature Iran, nature on map Iran, nature

In forests are found lynxes, wolves, wild boars, jackals, bears; in mountains and deserts - mongooses, porcupines, wild asses, badgers, rams. The climate in Iran is changeable


Persepolis video Museums, historical monuments Persepolis on map Persepolis

Persepolis - the ruins of the magnificent palace complex, built in 512 year BC. The excavations have began here in the early 30th

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