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Vacations in Corrientes means the rest on the beach, visiting the corrida, the carnival and casinos, buying exotic souvenirs. And for lovers of active leisure - incomparable fishing

North-eastern province of Argentina, Corrientes, is located between the rivers Parana and Uruguay. Corrientes - is the main country’s cultivation area of tobacco, rice, and tea. Most of famous Argentine Mate is produced here. Corrientes - is a vacation on a beach, visiting a corrida, carnival and casinos, excursions to the magnificent Cathedral of San Francisco and the Museum of the Colonial Era, buying exotic souvenirs. But for lovers of active leisure tour to Corrientes, above all, is fishing. Accompanied by an experienced guide tourists traveling in Argentina, may visit one of the most unique and beautiful wild areas on the earth - a natural complex of rivers and streams with crystal clear water, lakes of various size and flooded fields. Fishing of Coryphaena is a fight on equal terms. After all, to get it out of water is as hard as to budge a freight train!

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City of Corrientes - is the administrative center of the same name province. It is the port on the left bank of the river Parana. It has an international airport

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The Nature of Argentina is declared by UNESCO as a natural heritage of mankind. Deep rivers, jungles, waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna make this place ideal for nature-lovers

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