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The Nature of Argentina is declared by UNESCO as a natural heritage of mankind. Deep rivers, jungles, waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna make this place ideal for nature-lovers

The nature of Argentina is declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity. Deep rivers, overgrown with jungle valleys, waterfalls and exotic fauna and flora make it an ideal place for nature loving traveler. Most of the year it is warm here. Travel agents recommend visiting Corrientes between May and November - when the weather is optimal for rest. And the best time for fishing, which attracts most tourists to Corrientes is from September to March. The Main place of fishing is Iberia, that in the language of Guarani Indians means "Shining Water". Tourists, who spend a vacation here, believe that it is an unforgettable experience. Local landscape is a system of crystal-clear streams, rivers, lakes and flooded fields. Reservoirs occupy an area of 31 500 hectares, swamps - 52 000 hectares, and islets - 260 000 hectares. The unique ecosystem gives life to turtles, caimans, monkeys, swamp deer, capybaras - the largest rodents in the world, and to numerous birds. This land of pristine nature one visit for an excursion or for fishing on a boat with an experienced guide.

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City of Corrientes - is the administrative center of the same name province. It is the port on the left bank of the river Parana. It has an international airport

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Vacations in Corrientes means the rest on the beach, visiting the corrida, the carnival and casinos, buying exotic souvenirs. And for lovers of active leisure - incomparable fishing

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