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Fairy-tale villages of Brandenburg and numerous monuments of culture are witnesses of many historical events

Brandenburg is on of the 16 federal states of Germany. It shares borders with Saxony-Anhalt - to the west, with Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania - to the north, with Saxony - to the south and with Poland - to the east. In the heart of Brandenburg the federal state of Berlin is located. The capital city is Potsdam.
Originally the territory of modern Brandenburg was inhabited by Germanic and Slavic tribes. In 948 Otto I has founded the Bishopric of Brandenburg. During the Middle Ages the territory of Brandenburg was a member of various German state entities. Before The Second Reich Brandenburg was a part of Prussia, then – of the North Deutsch Union. After the World War II, until 1990 Brandenburg was a part of the GDR.
About 30% of state’s area is covered by forests. Fairy-tale villages of Brandenburg and numerous monuments of culture are witnesses of many historical events. Just 30 miles separate Potsdam, the summer residence of the Prussian ruling Hohenzollern dynasty, from Berlin. Rivers Spree and Havel, as well as the entire system of lakes, the largest of which is Lake Wannsee, form the unique charming landscape, in which about forty palaces and a huge park complex are inscribed.
Sanssouci, the summer residence of Frederick, is the most famous palace of Potsdam. The palace has remained unchanged from the middle of the XVIII th century, and almost did not suffer during the Second World War. Sanssouci palace is surrounded by the beautiful park.

The most modern palace of Potsdam - Cecilienhof, was built in the early twentieth century for the Crown Prince and his bride Cecilia. The famous Potsdam Conference took place here. Today, there is a four-star hotel in the palace, and a small part of apartments, preserving appearance of the time of the Potsdam Conference, houses the museum.

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