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Azerbaijan is characterized by a variety of landscapes. Mountains occupy most the territory. River network covers the land, like a blue spider's web. Caspian Sea is full of fish

More than a half of the country is mountainous - the system of the Greater Caucasus in the north and Lesser Caucasus in the west and south-west. The Greater Caucasus is a kingdom of glaciers with deep gorges and rapid mountain rivers. It attracts fans of mountain tourism and mountaineering. The Lesser Caucasus mountains are less high. It is a complex of numerous ridges and highlands of Karabakh with cones of extinct volcanoes. Lankaran mountains are in the south-east. Mountains of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus are divided by Kura-Aras Lowlands. Another lowlands are the Absheron Peninsula and the Kura spit, deep jutting out into the Caspian Sea.
This natural diversity makes Azerbaijan the country, interesting for both the beach relaxation and active leisure lovers. The main river of the country is famous Kura. The territory of Azerbaijan presents 9 of 11 climate zones: from subtropics to high alpine meadows.
The flora of Azerbaijan is interesting – there are many endemic species: pine Eldar, Lankaran acacia, boxwood, Caspian lotus and forests of oak, hornbeam, beech, chestnut, ash. The fauna is also very rich. On the plains are found rabbits, foxes, graceful gazelles. In valleys of the Kura and the Araks rivers are found wild boars and roe deer; in mountains tourists can encounter Royal deer and Dagestan tour, chamois, wild goat, bear, lynx. A great variety of birds, especially waterfowl. In the Caspian Sea are found many commercial species of fish and the Caspian seal

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